Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby Girl Nursery Progress

Yesterday we took our lunch breaks to move beds and furniture around upstairs. Things are starting to look girly in the previously boyish and blue nursery! And I'm so so so so relieved the double bed from the guest room fit. Things are a little tight in there but this way if we have company we can always put baby in our room and I have a feeling I'll be sleeping in here the rest of 2014....so where do I hang the 40" TV? (kidding)

Things left to do:
-Hang art. I had Norman Rockwell prints framed above Ford's crib but they were boy-centric. I have some generic flower prints I could put there and then I'm thinking my "For James" by Katie Long Stevenson can go to the right of the curtains.
-Bigger side table and tablecloth. I will probably be cheap and get one of these decorator tables. Anyone have a good source for tablecloths? Should I just order the Burlap from Ballard?
-Recover bench? We have 1 panel left of the Manuel Canovas curtain material (all a gift from a long time ago) I can't decide if we should make new shams or use it for crib skirt or what. I also have about 5 yards of a pretty green stripe.
-New Changing table pad. Pink, Green or Lavender?
-New Crib Bedding. Again....pink, green or lavender? I love a set of green PB crib bedding I found on Ebay but I'm not sure the Greens match up.
-Get a lumbar pillow and blanket for Glider
-Spray bookshelves white for reading corner. Maybe order 1 or 2 girlie books. My niece just gave us her copy of Madeline!
-Order another white noise machine. The one I have is from my parents attic and it is awesomely LOUD. What is the loudest out there?
-Price out double video monitor systems. We only have 1 wifi webcam and that won't work with two. And still need to keep my eye on the big guy as he just graduated to a big boy bed.

Pottery Barn Bedding via Website and Ebay, Serena and Lily Bedding, "For James" by Katie Long Stevenson, Rikshaw throw blankets, Monogram boudoir pillows via Etsy, Changing Pad via Target, Gorgeous purple monogram via Leontine Linens.

Anything else? Ford slept in his moses basket for this first three months but we are going to try to get baby girl in her crib much earlier. That being said...where can I buy moses basket bedding? Or will I just use the Newborn Rock and Play this time instead? (We didn't have those back in 2011. And thanks Elie for the early gift!!)



  1. It's beautiful!! And I love your ideas! I want to check out those monogrammed pillows. I still have work to do on our nursery (the dresser doesn't have knobs!) - and I hear everyone uses a rock n play now. I'm old school and cheap so we have a bassinet (and she's still in it bc I think I might cry at thinking she isn't a newborn anymore - she'll have to hang her legs off the side when she's 2 because she's never leaving it).