Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Boys Clothing Sale

Ah.....Consignment Season. I blame my sweet unnamed friend here in Charlotte for getting me hooked but I love them. That makes me sound like a cheap Black Friday shopper but when you can buy smocked outfits from $15-$20 and Polos for $5 it makes it all worth it. When Ford was first born I wanted all new adorable outfits and then realized 1 thing...... BOYS. They tear clothes up. And I don't dress this kid fancy for daycare so cords and jeans and long sleeve shirts all come from consingment sales. I'll still supplement from Gap, Old Navy, Mini Boden, and Crewcuts as the season goes by but for staples I go to the YMCA (September 6th!) sale and for nicer clothes I hit up Wallace's Wearhouse (September 16th!)

All that being said I am buried under 5 bins of boy clothes. I'm going to post the nicer things here (You guys don't want my 20 Carter's pajamas since infancy) and if they sell today great, if they don't it's off to Wallace's they go!

Shipping is $5. I wish it was lower but by the time you by the packaging and get to the post office that is about how much it costs. My email is first name last name at gmail dot com. Remember, I spell my first name funny-Katharine. I would also rather sell to people I know so that if I get a surprise in the delivery room I can track all of you down and buy these boy clothes back!

Smocked outfits are $12, Applique $11, Solid $10. Shipping is $5 or locals can come pick-up.

Left to Right
Royal Child 9M, Cupcake Originals 12M, Anavini 18M 

Tenille & Co 2, Reversible Navy and Orange to just Navy, no brand and no tag but measures 24M or 2T, Blue solid imp originals 2T

Little English 18M (I never monogrammed), No brand Snowman 2T, Orient Expressed 3T (never mongrammed) and I think we had to pin for him to wear last Christmas length wise.

Viva la Fete 3T, Remember Nguyen 18M, Bailey Boys reverses to red bear 2T

Orient Expressed 3T (same shoulder to stride though as a bailey boys 2t), Shrimp and Grits Kids 24M, Bailey Boys 2T
Reverse of Bailey Boys

Bonpoint Wool hoodie sweater 3T (a small 3T) LOVED this $10, Pixie Lily 6-9M $12, Flora and Henri beige sweater 2y  $10

Janie and Jack Rocking Horse Sweater 12-18M $9
Lands End Dog Sweater 6-9M $9
Ralph Lauren Wool 3T Sweater $10
Jacadi Paris Long Sleeve Polo 23M $9

Marie Chantal Wool Aqua Longall 12M $11
Petit Ami Cars Longall 24M $11

Ralph Lauren Half-Zip Cotton 2T (loved this!) $12
Red Columbia Fleece Jacket 24M $14
Petit Faune Wool Coat 12M (big in my opinion) $12

Will keep adding stuff! Today has gotten away from me. 



  1. You have such cute items!! Did you visit the Shower Me With Love sale today? It was hot and crowded :). Will you share info on Wallace's Wearhouse? I googled it but only found info from 2009~ I love the Y sale and I usually do our church's sale too, and I'd love to add another one!

  2. AHHHHH!!!!! Hating that I'm just now starting to read your blog. Our first child - a boy!!! - is due in March. So how perfect would this have been for me?!? Has everything sold? Happy weekend!

  3. Somehow found your blog through google. I know this is an old post but do you still have any of the clothes. Love them and would love to buy a few.

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