Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pawleys Island Shops and Restaurants

I'm in Panicked-Pregnant-Packing mode around here and thought I would give a shout out to my favorite spots at Pawleys Island that make our trip so much easier! You can read my Pawleys write up from 2010 here.
**I wrote this post to be published while I was on vacation. That was a MONTH ago. I've added a few updates. Life. sheesh!

Pawleys Island Realty
88 North Causeway Road
We have always rented through Pawleys Island Realty. They are the best and have tons of great houses to choose from. The home we rent is owned by an Asheville family so we now go through them but I have rented two other properties for bachelorette parties and each time the houses were incredible. I'm sure the location and plethora of gorgeous homes to choose from doesn't hurt.

Murrels Inlet
We did this for the first time last year and LOVED it. Captain Dave is fantastic and we have already booked our cruise for this year. Tell him the Boylan-Fuchs group sent you if you go! He asks your music preference and takes you on a 2 or 3 hour sunset cruise around Murrels Inlet. You BYOB and this year we are bringing Hog Heaven with us.

Pelican Inn family dining
506 Myrtle Avenue

*No longer available! I am so sad about this. Still a beautiful Inn and can be rented in the off-season. Talk about a great idea for a New Year's Eve party!

Frank's and Frank's Outback
10434 Ocean Highway

This is our absolute favorite spot in Pawleys for dinner. We have gone on our last night of the trip every year for 20+ years. We used to eat inside but once they made outside so appealing we changed our reservations to the Outback. Everything on the menu is incredible.

TRUST me. My two favorites are the soft shell crabs and the Caramel Cake.

I WILL be eating that cake in approximately 2 weeks from tomorrow night.

And I'm not sharing!
**Update, I didn't share. I got my own and the rest of the table had to order their own. TRUE STORY.

Chive Blossom
85 North Causeway
Okay, after Franks this is our favorite spot. Their lunch is is tops!!! Not much seating so be prepared to wait. I'll hopefully be eating the Lump Crab Quiche or Okra Pancakes this time on Monday. (**Due to a late night we missed lunch) The rest of the family orders the Fried Green Tomato sandwich with pimento cheese, avocado and bacon. Wipe your chin.

10880 Ocean Highway (In the Hammock Shops)
Was Louis's, High Hammock and something else before becoming Nosh. This is the central restaurant in the Hammock Shops and was always our arrival day lunch spot (Until Chive Blossom). Great covered deck with TV's and a huge playground is being built in the courtyard area next door. (Handy if you have wiggle worms at lunch)

Order the Orange Crush with a Fried Flounder Po Boy.

Bistro 217
10707 Ocean Highway

Before we found Chive Blossom we ventured away from our Nosh spot and tried Bistro 217. Our arrival day changing with our new rental agreement also changes up the restaurants that are open. If we went out to eat more this place would become a regular haunt. We had a killer lunch here a few years ago! Order the burger written up in Southern Living.

Hog Heaven BBQ
7147 Ocean Hwy

I refer to this place as Little Pigs of Pawleys. We hit them up to give my Dad a break in the kitchen. Fantastic hush puppies and great BBQ. They also have steamed and fried seafood and ribs.

10880 Ocean Hwy (In Hammock Shops)

I just found this article while looking up links for this post. Milkshakes you can add bourbon to and biscuits the size of my head? Yes please. Will report back.
**We loved our meal at Bisqit. The only thing I will say is eating a burger with a biscuit as a bun is tricky! Definitely a stop to make though if you need a kid friendly spot for lunch while shopping.

Pawleys Island Outdoors
9790 Ocean Hwy

In year's past we have been lucky enough to borrow a boat from friends but on the off times that doesn't work we usually rent a Jon boat from PI Boat Supply. They are great guys to work with and we have no complaints. The boat seems like an unnecessary item but the kids love it and my dad will never give up his cocktail cruises. That man loves the water.

Surf the Earth
47 Da Gullah Way

Back in the day before kids we would rent Kayaks from here to use in the creek. Now my brother and sister-in-law rent extra paddle boards from them. They also offer surfing lessons, paddle board instruction, surfing camps...etc. Great shop!

Lowe's Foods
9160 Ocean Hwy

The Pig is gone! And Food Lion is GROSS. So we weren't sure what to expect from the new Lowe's Grocery Store on the South Causeway but it is fantastic! I'm sure they are in customer service hyper drive but they have everything you need and smiling faces to go along with it. You MUST try the salt and vinegar wings. I don't like salt and vinegar chips but these wings are so good to take home for an appetizer! Also there is a Dollar Tree in the same shopping center that is brand spanking new if you need any cheap toys.

Our Asheville friends that head down before us tipped us off on this place and although you can buy a tent cheaper for that it sounds like a DEAL. You want to know how I met Pawleys Island Posh? I broke her beach tent. TRUE STORY. She had one we could borrow and we set it all up, went up to the house for beer and came back down and it was doing somersaults down the beach. $150 and no tent later we gave up. The following year we bought one from Sams and same problem. We get a pretty hefty breeze on the front and most tents end up bending which then ruins the whole structural integrity.
Split between 3 families this might be a definite next summer when I have a 6 month old.

Look at all these other services they offer!

Seaside Lunch Delivery ($10.00 per lunch)
Have your personal Cabana Boy deliver a gourmet lunch to you while you're working on that sought after South Carolina tan. Lunch will be delivered to your Cabana Boy tent at a pre-arranged time. Lunch includes gourmet sandwich of your choice, chips and Cabana Broad's signature coconut macaroons. Please order 24 orders in advance from your Cabana Boy or call (843) 742-1134.

Beach Chair Rental ($35.00 per chair per week)
Add chairs to your Cabana Boy Tent Rental for an even easier trip to the beach. Call (843) 742-1134 for details or emailrentals@cabanaboy.net.
Cooler delivery ($50.00 per week)
Add a cooler to your Cabana Boy tent rental. Get a cooler with ice set up under your tent every morning. Cooler holds up to 12 cans of beverages. Call (843) 742-1134 for details or email rentals@cabanaboy.net.

**You cannot leave tents up overnight at the beach because it affects the Sea Turtles. 

Penguin Ice
I'm usually the first up at the house with my crazy kid so we walk on the beach, drive over to the Starbucks in Litchfield and then hit this up. He loves to watch the ice shoot out and that way by the time everyone else is awake the drinks on the deck are iced down.(We have a 3 cooler system on the back deck due to Fridge space. Beer, Kids drinks + water, Soft drinks and more beer.) I don't have an exact location but this is right by the car wash near the South Causeway.

Kudzu Bakery
221 Willbrook Ave
Aside from their seemingly late hours for a bakery we are HUGE fans of Kudzu. Hidden near the Litchfield Piggly (What WAS the Pig) they have the best breads, pastries and cakes! Open 9-6 M-F. Close at 2 on Saturdays. Must buys: Cheddar Cheese Biscuits and Cinnamon Buns!

Hammock Shops
10880 Ocean Hwy

We don't leave the beach very often but when we do we go spend a day here. My favorites are the Mercantile Shop, Original Hammock Shop, Mermaid Store, Harbor Specialties and Carolina Gourmet.

You MUST get Tiger Butter Fudge from the Original Hammock Shop. Trust. me.

The silhouette guy is also there most days. Gotta get my little guy done again. Not sure I can talk my 12 year old stepson into it. I need to find his from when he was little!

Millie's Boutique
11378 Ocean Hwy (Across from the Fresh Market)

My sister in law found this store last year and they have gorgeous clothes! Tibi, Milly, Gigi NY, Tory Burch, Shoshana..etc. Last year I was lucky enough to squeeze a trip over there and find a dress for a Wedding we were going to a few weeks later. Stop in! (I should have bought the Julie Brown dress above that was 75% off. Perfect for fall with a long cardigan and boots!) or this Julie Brown Top also on sale.

Seaside Cottage Gift Shop 
(Same shopping center as Millie's Boutique. Lots of great stores in there!)
11326 Ocean Highway

My $25 score for little girl's room. Or Ford's room. Or my office where it has been hanging out.
I went nuts in this store this year so it is a last minute update. I bought a Pelican Inn print for my son's room to remind him of our walks together and a surprise print for my friend in Atlanta.

I also got this cute bracelet ($15), some earrings, the painting above and a sweater on sale for this fall. Wonderful shop!

Produce Stand

This is near the North Causeway and our spot to load up on silver queen, tomatoes, cantaloupe...you name it they have it. And sometimes you can grab fresh shrimp right on the North Causeway if the guy in the pickup truck is there. He was selling huge shrimp for $4/pound!

Brookgreen Gardens
1931 Brookgreen Drive, Murrells Inlet
I have never been but our buddies went by this year and loved it! They have live music on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and a train for the kids to ride!
Come for dinner and stay for evening boat rides, live entertainment, and ‘just for kids’ activities when the gardens stay open until 9 p.m. The Pavilion Restaurant is open until 7:30 p.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays and the Courtyard Café is open on Thursday evenings. Wednesday and Friday performances begin at 7 p.m. All performances are included in garden admission and free to members. Guests are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets to Wednesday and Friday performances. No outside alcoholic beverages are permitted, and picnics must only be enjoyed at the Picnic Area near Jessamine Pond. The Lowcountry Trail and Zoo close at 7 p.m.

Any spots you know about that I don't have listed? Please comment away or email me!


  1. You sure hit the Pawleys Island Hot Spots! Next time you're here, you must try the PIT, Pawleys Island Tavern, and stay at DeBordieu! Holler at me and I'll make sure you get a great spot!

  2. This is perfect!! We're having hog heaven tonight for dinner!! The family were staying with keeps talking about Kudzo bakery so I'm going to have to stop there. We loved the Hammick shops and the tiger butter fudge was to die for!!!!

  3. You are cracking me up! You managed to hit almost all the hot spots! Definitely hit the PIT, and Quigleys - Bisqit's big brother in Litchfield, close to Kudzu, is awesome as well.

    and YES, Food Lion is GROSS! I live 30 seconds away, and am so eternally happy that I DONT have to go there ever again. Love You Lowes!

  4. WE LOVE Chive Blossom!!!! I will drive an hour to go there if I'm anywhere close!

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