Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Blogger Recommendations

Today's post is pretty much things I want to buy that have been recommended by other bloggers. I'm 99% sure my entire wardrobe from now until March is going to be black yoga pants, maternity jeans and open cardigans. I'm STARVING as soon as I wake up and snack all day thinking it is my last opportunity to shove Reese's Piece's in my mouth....not a pretty sight. Most of these items will hopefully camo that fact. Or add to it *ahem rice krispy treats*.

Anyone own these? I wonder if they are see-thru in the booty.

Via Kate at Style Smaller
I'm putting this up for both of the boys. D can earn money while he is in town and Ford can learn responsibility and earn a car each week. 

So tempted!!

If I had the energy I would make these for Ford's school party. Peanut free! (Just double check all ingredients first)

Great Christmas Gift for the guys right? (Told you I had started Christmas shopping) Via ME.

Lab Monogram Shirt $21

Via ME.

I'm not a bootie girl (I am a booty girl) but these are cute!

Hot Pink Cashmere Blend Sweater at Mole Hole in Charlotte $110
Random but cute and boob access is key! Via ME.

And last but not least...No way....

Via GroopDealz via Hi Sugarplum


  1. Perk might need that Orvis sweatshirt. I like your new layout!

  2. I wanna know about those HUE leggings too. Everyone seems to be repping them, but $40 leggings BETTER not be see through...

  3. The leggings are amazing. Not see thru at all - hold you in and ivevwashed and dried mine many times and they are as good as new. I'm ordering the grey now !

  4. I love my hue leggings! I wear them as pants around the house. I've had my navy pair since 2011 and they're still going strong. I wear them pretty regularly.

  5. That English Norman bracelet is on my Christmas list in addition to that sweater I posted which is of course sold out!