Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday Tearouts

NO more stacks of magazines in my house! HOORAY! Well, except for Garden and Gun, old copies of Domino and some other favorites. Since this little girl is hanging tough (NKOTB reference) I put my feet up and ripped through about 40 magazines this weekend.

Here are some tearouts for today:
 Check out the pom pom coverlet on the bottom left bed. We have two old cabins below my parent's house and my Aunt has always kept some type of chenille accented bedding in the rooms. Absolutely adore. Wish I knew the source. Via Southern Living Sept 2014

Love this arrangement for Fall. Also Southern Living

Cornbread Pudding with Whiskey Caramel Sauce. Yes please. 

Gorgeous Flowers! Could be perfect for Thanksgiving..maybe add some reds or oranges.

Love the Art everywhere. We have so many framed items just hanging out in the half attic and so many more that need to be framed. I'm thinking of just hanging it all. Yes it can make your house look busy but it can also make it look lived in. I hate empty walls. Ellen Niven for House Beautiful.

That table skirt. I need one of these made, any sources in Charlotte? I also need cushions EXACTLY like those made. Via House Beautiful (I think!)

Pretty much the side table setup in the nursery....I still need a table skirt source though. Via House Beautiful

Love that bed. And I don't hate the purple at all. Via Veranda

That setting. Via Veranda. Photograph by Laura Resen.

Our sisal rug in the kitchen bit the dust. Come to think of it sisal in a kitchen is kind of gross. We (Max) cooks every night and it was truly disgusting. I love the way it looks and ties in our bamboo shades but maybe a Dash and Albert would be better. Love this outdoor dining spot also. Via Arch Digest.

Those chair skirts. I die. NEED. Via Veranda or Arch Digest.

And last not but least, GO BUY THESE COOKIES! I found them at Fresh Market and they are seriously the best cookies I've ever had. 


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  1. Let me contribute to this salted caramel love. GET THE GELATO FROM TRADER JOE's. YES I AM YELLING. It is fab. I also love the art everywhere and glad a designer is doing that, since that is what I have done at my house sort of randomly...