Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Teenager, a Toddler and an Infant Walk Into a Bar...

 Just kidding. But this is my world right now. My stepson is in town for the summer and the first thing he requested I pick up for him is some Axe body wash. 

This past weekend my parents came into town for Father's Day and while we were at the pool there was a moment that perfectly summed up my life. I needed to take my Mother to the ladies room so I asked my stepson to keep an eye on Ford and my Dad to hold Amelie. Talk about being in the Sandwich generation. 

While we were eating lunch I don't know who I had to harass to take more bites...Ford or my mother. The similarities between a toddler and someone with advanced Alzheimer's are staggering. 

On top of trying to parent and very part-time caregive I am also losing my daycare. They are closing this Friday after being open for 15 years. They just don't have the numbers they used to and can't keep operating with current enrollments. My mother-in-law is coming to help me out for the next two weeks before we head on vacation and I'm (for lack of a better term) scared shitless of how I will get work done with two young kids in the house. 

I'm not going to spare you the details of the SHINGLES-SCABIES diagnosis my husband INCORRECTLY received weekend before last that had us cleaning our house like we had bedbugs or my car troubles or how I have worked from 8-10pm 80% of the nights this month. Ain't nobody got time for that.

All this is to say that if I haven't called you back or you saw me sitting alone in a dark corner in a bar drinking or why I haven't been blogging...well I just have been a little bit overwhelmed. And I'm not glorifying busy. This is just how things are right now. I know there are many of you dealing with much tougher circumstances, and I am by no means fishing for sympathy....I just needed to get this down on paper (internet) so I can have a justifiable reason why I didn't complete Amelie's baby book.

More tomorrow,
Love K

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  1. I love this. I wish you would share these on FB so I could 'like' them. ps my nephew uses Axe too. it is ridiculous. Marketing towards 15 year old boys clearly works every time.