Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Baby Girl Nursery


We played musical chairs with the bedrooms upstairs and although it was a ton more work I am so happy with the end result. I honestly never thought I would have a little girl and definitely didn't think I would embrace the pink but I am in love with it all. It is by far the "prettiest" room in the house.

The double bed and curtains were in our guest room so I went with the same green walls just a shade bluer than the original green. I love having a bed in here because well..........she wakes up every night around 4am with NO intentions of going back to sleep. So....that is where she and I snuggle until 6ish. 

Everything else was Ford's including the crib, dresser and glider. I still need to fix the knobs on her dresser and find a duvet for the down comforter but we are pretty much done! The bench at the bottom of the bed I snagged from my parent's house and I could recover it in the same Manuel Canovas as the curtains or I could save the third panel just in case we move and her next room needs a roman shade. 

I think we will be in this house 3-4 more years so she will graduate to a big girl bed in here. Maybe I will replace the crib with a dollhouse. I know a certain fabulous Aunt that has a very very gorgeous one right this moment.

Remember, I am not a designer but I do love creating cozy rooms! Without further adieu...

Top print by Katie Long Stevenson. We received the print below it from our dear friends Alice and Tommy Myer. I would love a better bedside table but this one works for now.

Jenny Lind Crib off Craigslist. Pottery Barn Bumper and Skirt. Roberta Roller Rabbit crib sheet. I have since removed the bumper and added a pink breathable one.

Curtains were a gift from an upholsterer we used in West Palm Beach when I worked for Pauline Pitt Interiors. (The Ikea pillows not going the same direction is driving me CRAZY...but I'm too lazy to take new pics!)

Pears and Bears dress from my sweet friend Sarah.

Pillows from Ikea. Bunny pillowcase via ???. If anyone knows I will pay a finders fee. I have the matching baby blanket that I still sleep with. I bet it is Auraluz and I might just have to get another one made.

I wish this glider was easier on the eyes but it has been wonderful for both kids. I bought it off Craigslist from some Exec at Wachovia. We exhanged in the parking lot at work while my friend the Security Guard watched and shook her head at me. If you look at the bookshelf you will see the book ABC Charlotte. This is a great gift and written by a dear friend from Carolina, Christina Pope!

My Grandfather was a cotton broker and this cotton wreath is definitely Amelie's favorite thing to look at while getting her diaper changed. Photo via Kristen Lequire.

One of my Feltman Brother's dresses. Does anyone have a source for pretty hangers? 
Photo via Kristen Lequire.

And by far...the best thing about this space is the little girl that lights up this room.....
Photo by Kristen Lequire.


  1. So adorable and Amelie worthy. I wish I'd had a girl along with my boys, but Ginny is filling a big hole in the pink girly world for me.

  2. I've never seen a cotton wreath (says the born and bred Midwesterner) - it's AWESOME.

  3. So Beautiful!! I wouldn't mind sleeping in there either : )

  4. It looks adorable! We miss our great neighbors! Hope you all are doing good!

  5. Gorgeous!! I love all the details that went into her room. Those curtains are amazing and I can't believe those pillows are from ikea. Those dresses are too precious (insert heart eye emoji). You did such a great job!

  6. Love the Nursery!