Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Highlights (I swear, there were some)

I worry that my posts about Alzheimer's come off as doom and gloom. The truth of the matter is when everyone is getting excited about a "fresh start" for 2016 I know that we don't have that with Mom. If anything we know it is an uphill battle with a downward progression. This will be our hardest year yet as we make the decision to move her into a home. 

But with that weighing on my mind I wanted to review the Highlights of 2015. To be honest it was a bitch of a year and I'm glad to see her go. So instead of listing everything horrible that happened I thought it would be more beneficial to list out the good that happened this year.

My Kids
I love watching my kids grow. They are just beginning to play together and Amelie things Ford (and Kody!) hung the moon. They both acclimated to the new daycare as best as I could have hoped for.

 Ford is doing well in TK and although he has trouble listening (lots of trouble) he is very bright and has already mastered counting to 100 and knows all of his capital letters. Even though he might be on the short side his teacher assured me he will never be picked on b/c he has no problem sticking up for himself.

Amelie is a joy to watch as she is in that phase where they play and play and play. She is talking more and blows kisses and even though she doesn't cuddle like her brother she is such a sweet little girl.

My Job
We are going through a Re-Org so I have been nervous about my position and am waiting to see what the new year brings. But no matter what happens I am so thankful to work for a company with good benefits and one that allows me to have a flexible schedule.

Moms in Charge
Don't laugh, but this has been one of the highlights of 2015. MIC is a group in Charlotte (and now expanding to other cities) that a mom started to safely sell items to other Moms. You have to know someone to get added to the Facebook group and then get approved. I LOVE it. I have bought a door, a chair, tons of kids clothes, tons of me clothes, gotten advice, made friends, found doctors, found Saints has been an incredible network for me this year. I have mentioned before that I work from home so I don't have water cooler chit-chat or co-workers to go grab coffee with and this has filled that void for me. And thanks to my friend Allison it has also helped me look less disheveled and frumpy. ;)

Alzheimer's Walk
Krewe BB raised $7,441 in this year's walk to end ALZ. That is the most we have EVER raised! I also had the biggest turnout of friends that came to walk in the RAIN! Cannot thank you all enough! (Not pictured: Margaret Tomlinson who has been to EVERY walk. Love you!)

My Friends
I know I'm beating a dead horse but my friends have been a huge part of this year's highlight reel. I am not good at asking for help and help has just shown up in the form of food, haircuts, wine, banners, cookies, love, hugs, tears, flowers.

From neighbors, new friends, old friends, sorority sisters, cousins, instagram friends, MIC friends, strangers, my brother's friends, anonymous blog comments. It all... I mean ALL....makes a huge impact. I hope one day when I am capable of doing so I can return all of these sweet acts of kindness.

You just have no idea how the smallest thing can completely change someone's day.

My Family
My niece and nephew and Max's niece and nephew all chipped in this year and played with Ford and Amelie when we would visit. My sister in law has been a rockstar. My brother and I talk on the phone more than we ever did. My network of cousins is incredible. My Dad and I have been supported by some compassionate and loving family and friends and we couldn't do this without you.

Traveling with kids is hectic and not relaxing but we have had some wonderful times on the road this year. 

My Health
I didn't get Sepsis this year. I'll chalk that up to a win. I have 10 pounds left to lose (probably 15) but that is down considerably from the Yeti Cooler I gained over Amelie's pregnancy. I love seeing a Therapist and am finally taking probiotics. Good girl right? I haven't cut out diet soda. I just can't give up Diet Coke. Or Wine. Or Carbs. Ever. (See pounds left to lose)

And Max
This year tested us unlike any other. Thank you for being my strength when I had no more to give. I think we both deserve a kick-ass 2016.

Here's to the New Year.


  1. Cheers to a better 2016! Challenges await, but with support you can face anything!

  2. Your blog is my very favorite!! You are funny and real! I love how you are handling the huge challenge of your Mom and the weight of ALZ as it impacts your family!! You and your family are often in my thoughts! Here's to 2016 being a fabulous year for you!!