Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Lake Pajamas = Adult Kissy Kissy

No coffee cup. No perfect hair. Just a little girl who pulled an all-nighter and her exhausted Mom protecting her face from slaps. I tried to get the people at Bojangles to take a selfie with me in my pajamas but they weren't game. That would have been the most accurate picture right?
Every blogger has posted about Lake Pajamas so this isn't exactly new news. But while I was in Savannah at Number Four Eleven I finally saw a pair in person and couldn't believe how soft they were. I usually wear leggings and a t-shirt, or a Gillian O'Malley set from Target but these felt just like my daughter's Kissy Kissy footed pajamas. 

I also wouldn't normally spend so much on pajamas but Christmas was approaching and since I do all the shopping for my Dad I decided this could be my Christmas present from my Mom. 

Last night was my first test run and I'm in heaven. They are seriously that comfortable and as someone that sweats at night (I know...gross) sleeping in pure cotton was heaven. I prefer to sleep in pants so I bought the short/long set but wouldn't mind having a long/long also. 

Consider adding these to your Valentine's Wish List. I know I would love a second pair. Cannot wait to see what designs they come out with in the future! Collegiate line? Mini Tar Heels? Marketing win for those sorority house pillow fights.


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