Monday, December 28, 2015

Our Christmas Gifts (If we won the lottery)

 **This was supposed to be published last week.* Every time I drive to Asheville I pass the lottery billboard on 85 and I always spend a good portion of my trip thinking of what I would do if I won. So if after taxes it was around 70 is what I would buy my family:

For my Mom:

I would hire (and pay handsomely) 24 hour round the clock help for Mom. My mother (as did most people in New Orleans in the 50's) grew up in a household with help. She was raised by a woman named Hilda. I never met Hilda and have never seen a picture but I imagine her as Constantine from The Help or Sipsey from Fried Green Tomatoes (both played by the model Cicely Tyson).

She has not responded well to women we have found through a Seniors helping service but if we found someone with the compassion and patience as I heard Hilda had I think she would be so incredibly happy. And I think in some strange way it would remind her of her childhood and create peace in her mind.

Or a Condo here:

For my Dad:

Anytime we chat (he is the only person I speak with daily..I'm a texter) I ask what I can do, what he needs...etc....and his response is ALWAYS "I want to go to the Abacos". So here you go Dad. Two weeks in the Abacos. Either at the Abaco Lodge:

He has also ALWAYS wanted a boat. He prefers a center console so this is what I could dig up Dad!. Where we would dock that boat is mentioned later.

For Max:
He has always wanted a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch

but what he really wants to do again is travel. Two weeks in Europe? Merry Christmas honey.

For My Brother and Sister in Law
They have the most gorgeous home in West Palm Beach (where we spent Thanksgiving) but I would selfishly buy them one with a guest house so we can stay with them when we (and my parents, and my kids) visit. I would have to add a putting green for my nephew and library for my niece. 

For my Girlfriends 
You girls have been so supportive and wonderful this year. I don't even know how to thank you except to take you all to Napa for a week. 

Or New Orleans. Or Palm Beach. Or Pawleys. Week long girls trip?

For Myself:
Obviously we would love a bigger house. We adore our house but we are missing a garage, a playroom, and a guest room. (and hardwoods, and window treatments) I'd also add in a nanny. Just so we can escape every now and then. That 48 hours we had in Savannah did wonders for Max and I as a couple. Oh and one more thing, photography classes.

And for my Whole Family:

This house on Pawleys. Redecorated in all Quadrille by my friend Sarah Fisher. 

And maybe small apartment in the French Quarter. Decorated by Suzanne Rheinstein, Brannan Geary, or Tyson Geary.

Happy Dreaming. 



  1. I love to lottery dream! It's my husband and Is topic of conversation on long drives :)

  2. I have a similar lottery list- new house for my parents in their dream neighborhood in Memphis, condo for my brother in Miami, new house for my sister, and a vacation home in Seaside Florida. I have long road trips for work so I also elaborate on how I will tell my parents/husband we won and that they don't have to work anymore. It passes the time!

  3. We have the same lotto conversation driving on trips. Although it drives me nuts! My husband loves talking about it. Love this post!