Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Achieving First Day of Kindergarten Picture Perfection*

Preppy Prince George

4 weeks until my son starts Kindergarten so that leaves me 4 weeks to:

1.  Find the perfect preppy but scholarly polo and shorts combo to put him in. Polo MUST coordinate with backpack straps. MUST. Otherwise this could ruin the entire day.

2. Fluff my Ferns

3. Spruce up the Front Door

4. Research which Back to School Banner will look best on my fireplace.

5. Select coordinating sister outfit so she can join in on the photo session. Like this Pixie Lily Pre-Order I missed. Damn Damn Damn.
6. Surf the internet for the BEST Chalkboard printout. (Since I have NO artistic skills whatsoever)

7. Shoes. Must be athletic but not light-up or lace-up but still hip and cool.

8. Haircut-Watch Dead Poet's Society and School Ties for ideas.

9. Crest Whitestrips for kids. Gotta get that smile SPARKLY AS EDWARD.

10. Bourbon for after.

*This post is in jest. Partially. Because you know my crazy ass will be taking these pictures and crying!!!!

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