Monday, August 1, 2016

Fuching Weekends 8.1.16

In an effort to blog more and get some of the thousands of photos I take out of my phone I thought I would let my pictures tell our weekend stories. 

This was our last weekend with my stepson. I don't post too much about him on here because as a mother myself I'm not sure I would love it if my kids had a stepmom that took pictures of them and posted all over social media. We had an AMAZING summer together. He is so athletic and really wants to make the High School tennis team in Florida and improved exponentially this summer at tennis camp. He is seriously the best big brother and everyone is happier when he is in town. We had a family date night just with him Friday night and went to see Bourne, review coming later this week.

Saturday was crazy. It was our last pool day together as a family of 5 but Amelie is cutting her two year molars so we were delayed getting out there. School only has her napping from 11-1 but when she is home she desperately wants to take a 9:30am nap. Anyone else have this issue?

I ran up to a friend's 40th birthday party after the pool. Her husband planned a brewery crawl and I met them for a drink at Free Range Brewery. Pro tip: They have an entire toy area for kids! (Picture and article from my favorite Charlotte Agenda)

Then my cousin ended up being in town so we grabbed drinks at Fig Tree. We didn't stay to eat but the place was adorable! He is on his way to Seminary in Alexandria. Good luck Brooks!

Saturday night our friends hosted a dinner party and it was out of this world. I took 0 pictures. I'm an asshole. But you know you are having a good time when you just didn't have time to either find your phone or use it. It usually is just the girls for Blog Club but we finally had a couples night and it was so good to see everyone! I feel like I don't see anybody over the summer since schedules are nuts. No kids and we all ubered. I did get a picture of the Blackberry pie....

Sunday Kody left so it was just me and the kids. This is Ford pre-sobfest. Poor guy. 
Ford: "Why do you have to leave Kody?"
Kody: "Because I have to go home"
Ford: "But you are Home"
Rest of us.....crying.

Me and the kids.................... and a fabulous babysitter. I don't know what we would do without all of our awesome sitters. I snuck out alone Sunday afternoon to attend a sip and see for the sweetest new baby boy and beautiful mama. Look at this CAKE!

 After that went home and grabbed Amelie and headed to get Ford at a friend's birthday party. I'm a horrible parent and Amelie has never been in My Gym. While the big kids were having cake she ran all over!

That was probably REALLY boring for everyone else but I'll look back on these and be thankful for the memories!

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