Friday, May 28, 2010

I won a Blog Giveaway!!!

Like I said in my previous post I'm a blogaholic. Not so much writing them (slacker) but reading them. One of my favorites is My Favorite and My Best...Jenny is f*&%ing hilarious.

So MFAMB (what her BFF's call her) posted about her Atlanta Blog Meet up.....which I was insanely jealous of. One of the best things about blogs is learning about other blogs through them..and enter Raina from If the Lampshade Fits.

Raina is second from the jealous of their meetup!
And here is what i won!!!!!

That's right!!!!! She is going to help me turn my Formal Living Room into a Library-ish Study. So I will still be able to entertain/serve cocktails in there but M can work in there too. I'll keep the Juliska blue color scheme but she will help me move M's desk into there and style it up!!!!!

So in short.... She will help me add these two rooms together! Thank you Raina! I'm so excited!!!!

1 comment:

  1. i cannot WAIT to see what you and raina come up with!!!
    she really is pretty genius that one.
    thanks for the shout out!!!