Friday, May 28, 2010

WTF are Southern Bourbon Mountains?

I read about 30 blogs a day. When I tell people this they think I am 1. crazy and 2. that I am a slacker at work. The truth of the matter is most blogs only update with 1 post a day so it doesn't take that long to read...and I read them with my cocktail in hand to detox from work. I realized I had a million opinions and wanted to share them with the World (aka my blogger friends that care what I'm saying).
So back to my title...
I love all things Southern. Its become a cliche these days but I absolutely love the South. I was born in New Orleans but raised in Asheville, NC. My entire family is from Nola so my parents carried their bayou roots up to the mountains when they decided to raise their daughter in the boonies.
I'm not sure if there is a secret connection but so many people from New Orleans summer in the mountains of North Carolina. Strangely enough I met many New Orleans friends through summer camp at Rockbrook in Brevard. I was a third generation camper following in my Aunt's and Grandmothers' footsteps. The mountains are lush, green, and incredibly peaceful.
Then there comes Bourbon. Do you know that feeling when you have your first cocktail after a stressful day? You make it a little strong and you feel it flow through your bloodstream slowly relaxing each and every part of your body instantly? Oh yes you do. You are thinking of making a toddy while you are reading this blog.
So that's me in a nutshell. Here are some images to help you understand....
WTF are Southern Bourbon Mountains? Feast your eyes on these........

This was our home in New Orleans, a typical Shotgun.

A few too much of this once..

Where I grew up

Images from Southern Accents, My Kodak Gallery library, Google, The Consummate Hostess

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