Sunday, June 27, 2010

What is my style? Pretty/Southern/Antique/Organized...and Liveable

What is my home decor style? I'm a realist, not a minimalist. We have stuff. Currently it is M, myself and our two dogs. And every now and then D comes to live with us. So we have "things"...magazines, toys, photographs, cookbooks...BELONGINGS. So in those images of houses where there is no stuff drives me bonkers. Do these people have no personality? Did they just break out of prison? Maybe they took a ritalin and shoved everything in the hall closet. Regardless, I like pretty houses with stuff...

Here are a few images.

I really want that pillow.

Images from Phoebe Howard, Cottage Living, Ashley Whittaker, Domino, Southern Accents, House of Turquoise

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