Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blog Giveaway - Murphy Jewelry!!

I think to have more friends in Blogaville you need to do a giveaway! So here is my first..

I met Kathleen Murphy of Murphy Jewelry at a white elephpant party here in Charlotte last Christmas. Of course she swapped some FABULOUS earrings. They got stolen from me. FAIL. But once she told me she had an entire website full of pretty shiny things I knew I was three bourbons away from a BFF.

The details:
1. Go to her website
2. Pick out your favorite pair
3. Head back to my site and leave a comment about which pair you would steal from your intoxicated BFF's ears for.
4. *For extra entries become a follower of my blog! Contest ends Thursday July 15th at midnight.

I'm hoping to get to 40+ followers by my upcoming vacation. M promised me that if I did he would help me put some fancy geek code on my site.

And besides, who doesn't love fun party earrings that are FREE??? My favorites:

Yes, she does stunning necklaces as well!

**Side note, I don't want you to think this is similar to "If you open a card today we have your balls in a jar forever but you save 30%." I just want to be a popular kid on the blogreel.

***Second side note, don't hate on Kathleen b/c she looks like Barbie. The woman is hilarious and would be an instant friend of yours!


  1. I would steal the ones above...Gold Chalcedony Seamless! (I would also steal the necklace.)

    Love the jewelry, and your blog Katherine!

  2. I love the Gold Anchors...p.s. who knew you had a blog???

  3. I love "two tone" and "stunning flame"... I would so rip them off your bourbon laden ears at the ornament exchange.

  4. I would definitely steal the SIlver Filigree Vineyards. And many more of these, wow, I love them!!!!

  5. Um, I had NO idea you had a blog. I've now subscribed to your RSS feed through Google Reader. Yayyyy!

    I would steal the hell out of the "hoop structure" earrings.

  6. This is Jodi Deal from camp, by the way. Didn't realize my blogger account doesn't show my real name until the previous comment was already posted.

  7. Love Gold Chalcedony Seamless and Chicago Gold leaf! Great blog!

  8. Fluer Grey please..mmmmm they'd look fab with this fancy dress I have to wear for a wedding coming up!

  9. The silver seemless are to die for. Wow what great jewelry!

  10. Holy f*ck, I'd steal every pair. But first I'd rip the Clear Capril's off her drunken ear. Then I'd tear the Turquoise of Course necklace off her neck before sliding the Aqua Southern Drop out of her second set of earring holes. After that, since she probably wouldn't be wearing dangly earrings in her third set of holes, I'd go to the website and buy the Gold Woven Wire earrings to match the Golden Wire Cuff that was already in my cart.