Friday, July 9, 2010

Dash through Sleepy Poet

I honestly have no idea why I'm so busy but somehow I never have time to piddle. I don't have babies, I'm not in the Junior League, and we still have two months before Football season. So when I had an hour to myself a few Sundays ago I dashed through Sleepy Poet Antique Mall to see what goodies I could unearth. Below I have listed the items I would like to receive as presents for being so busy and unimportant. (Please excuse horrible iphone photos)
You can never have enough Sisal or Seagrass in the house. SP has tons at amazeballs prices.

This clock doesn't even work but I want it. Maybe if I ever have kids I can hang it in the nursery so the kid becomes just as OCD Type A as myself. NOOOO WIRE HANGERS!!!

Cute in Beach powder room? Oh wait, I don't have a Beach House? Fail.

Anybody having babies in NC? This would be really cute in a Kids room.

These are all the rage.
How awesome would this be in my house? Our last name = Fox in German.
Annoyed I haven't bought these! I've seen them popping up on blogs all over the blogosphere. Very Mad Men right?
This is now gone. I cried....real alligator tears. Wouldn't this make an adorable changing table?

Check, Check, and Check. Do I need you? No, but I would like you oh so very much.
Oh SNAP. Is that an Hermes tray????
And last but not least, this gem. I would park him in my Mud Room and make my working-from-home husband place a cocktail on the little shelf to greet me every night when I get home from work. Very tacky, but completely hospitable.


  1. this post is one of the many reasons i love you so very much!!

  2. We so should have bought those glasses like three months ago before they jacked up the price. FAIL. Oh well, let's go back and go shopping- and hit up Owens for a bagel before hand.

  3. I saw that tray last time I was there... can't believe it is still there. I think this is my signal to go back- I love Sleepy Poet!!