Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Front Door = First Impression. Please Dear Lord I hope not..........

We had a mini-dinner party this weekend and although I'm sure only 2 of the guests noticed, I HATE our front door. It is some cheap early 90's Home Depot junk with yellowing trim and AWFUL etched flowers in it. VOMIT. It literally needs to be ripped out and set on fire. Did I mention it is the color of poop?

So because it is a wretched standard door with two side panels I'm beginning to wonder, do we do all glass side panels? Then I get paranoid and think I'm making my home more accessible to crooks...maybe Hurricane Glass? Or just half glass? or None? Or a Double Door? Ohh, maybe lacquered Black?

Or do you think M would let me do this......

Ahh, people would NEVER turn down our dinner invitations now! (Well that and we have a stocked bar) Look at that door? It is soothing...it sucks you in like the calming pastel of Pepto. I want. Please??

Image via Simply Seleta


  1. Uhhh...just wondering..what time is dinner? I'll be there! Diana

  2. hilarious!!! you are so entertaining! i just read this post out loud to my husband because that's how we both feel about our gross front door! our remedy-black high gloss oil paint-it does look better!!!!

  3. OK, this post is not complete without a photo of said "poop door"....just sayin!

  4. Best front door EVAH! Think it belongs to Miles Redd, if I remember correctly...

    P.S. - Guess what my word verification is for this comment? Fartab! Ha! (Yes, I have immature humor tendencies ;)

  5. Love it! this is the same front door I have saved for when we get a new one this spring. The hardware is to die for!