Friday, August 20, 2010

*Pretend* Retail Therapy

The wicked week of the west has continued and my remedy is shiny shopping bags filled with gorgeous items. You know what I mean. The pretty bags you fold and reuse because they are from the fanciest of fancy stores. Here are the items I would purchase if Daddy Warbucks let me borrow his charge card for a weekend.

Lucchese Boots from Zappos $299. I want to wear these ALL Fall. My Faux Frye boots might fall apart and these would look so cute with a sweater dress, right?

Roberta Roller Rabbit Lounge Set. $85.00. Just give me a cigar and an Old Fashioned.

Longchamp Le Pliage Medium $125. My nice black MK bag is going to fall apart. I bet this little shoulder bag could hold 10 mini bottles AND my Canon Rebel.

Antique Wheat Sconce, Mecox $850. I need sconces in my Dining Room. LOVE these. Any other suggestions that are 1/10 of the price?

Barbour Defence Jacket - $?. I fell in love with a blue one last year for only $299. Expensive yes, but these jackets are the best. The fact that they are becoming trendy makes me want to vomit.

Audubon Blue Heron-Z Gallerie $99. I want this SO bad. I didn't even want to post it b/c one of you might go buy it and I'll be left out in the cold. OR maybe a mysterious admirer wants to order it for me?? Hmmm??? I would order this and the pink one and be happy all September.

Lands End Cowlneck Dress $59.50. To wear with above boots and Barbour Jacket to a Football Game. Or in my Living Room lounging under the Blue Heron holding a cocktail posing for my photoshoot in Garden & Gun.

3 year old Target Wallet = justification for new one. Kate Spade Jane St. Remy $195. And what will I carry around Warbucks' credit card in anyways?

Leontine Linens. Enough said. I'm 30, I need nice linens.

I'm headed to the Market to fill the house with flowers for arriving guests. At least that can happen.

Doberge Cake. My favorite is chocolate but I wouldn't kick a Caramel out of bed.

Studded Bow Ballet Flats from Gap. $49.50. Two Ellie said Gap has great flats this year and I trust her style, have you seen her blog? She has adorable taste.

Nest Bamboo Candle. One of my absolute favorites (CZ Guest was the best and of course it is gone forever)
Neiman's $32.00

Remaining Lilies Cardigan - Anthropologie $128. Paired with skinny jeans, boots, & sleek ponytail? Hello Fall! I'll look just like Betty Draper coming home from Riding practice.

There is plenty more but I didn't want to overwhelm your gift lists for me. Happy Friday. xoxo


  1. I always love a little pretend therapy. great picks.

  2. I have one wheat sconce from SP, and I am looking for its mate. For what it's worth, it was less than 1/10th of that Mecox price. But what does one do with one sconce? How about getting that audubon plate off ebay and then buying a cheapo ikea frame? That's what I did...

  3. Sign me up for the boots and pj' them!!!

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  5. i would shop with you any day. love it all!