Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mad Men Season 2

I'm having a pretty awful Sunday. Won't bore you with the details but I feel like the picture above so I decided to finish the last disc of Mad Men Season 2.

First of all, this show is depressing but I can't stop staring at January Jones. She is absolutely breathtaking...her and Christina Hendricks. And who doesn't love Peggy's balls? I HATE Jane and Pete Campbell creeps me out. I also watch this show because I wonder if this is what my grandparents were like. They all passed away before I was one and I imagine them in 1960s New Orleans being Cotton Brokers or working for American Creosote Works and having their cocktails during the day.

Oh JJ, you are ravishing. And Don..not too shabby. Don't they look like a couple from Clue?

Two of my favorites. The talented Bryan Batt who I actually met at his shop before I even watched the show! And Christina, those chichis are record-breaking. But what her fiance did in this season..WTF!!??

I loathe Jane. Nothing should be that manipulative and pointy.

And who in the hell is Joy? What was her purpose? To explain Don's time in Cali as an acid trip? She was pointless and 12 years old.

I think January Jones is fantastic as an actress. Yep, Girl crush. She makes me want to smoke a pack and drink all day. (While donning waist cinching full skirt dresses and a perfect football-helmet-do) While we are on the topic, let's pay a tribute to January Jones.....

Images via AMC, Love Actually, Google


  1. I think January Jones looks sooo much prettier in the Mad Men period styling than she does in modern clothes. I lust after all of her costumes so badly!

  2. I really do think this is how our grandparents were! I always think it would be so much fun to live during those times!