Friday, August 13, 2010

Huff Post's 20 Biggest Magazines of 2010 so far...Really???

The Huffington Post came out with the list of the 20 Biggest Magazines of far.

This list shocks me. I understand National Geographic, but the others? Have you read Cosmo lately? It is TERRIBLE. On our beach trip we buy every magazine possible to read as we sip cocktails in the sand and Cosmo was the worst. Better H&G is a good one, lots of ads for hydrangeas but I'll take where are the Home magazines??

I charge you, blog followers, to subscribe today! Seriously, most are $12.00/year and what else can you get for $1/month that consists of glossy, pretty, luxurious, tear-out madness? I really don't want to lose another....RIP Southern accents and Domino.

1. AARP-I guess the Boomers?
2. Better Homes &Gardens-I do like this one..just SO many ads
3. Reader's Digest-Isn't this a staple in bathrooms??
4. National Geographic-Understandable
5. Good Housekeeping - Does anybody read this? I bought a Fall Issue once and it had cute ideas for Halloween
6. Gameinformer - My Xbox360 Call of Duty lovin husband is laughing
7. Woman's Day - Eddie Ross posted about this, is it hip now?
8. Family Circle - Not bad in a Dr's office
9. Ladies' Home Journal - Huh?
10. People - I have vowed not to buy smut magazines like this. Plus, In Touch is cheaper and Perez is free
11. Time - I subscribe, since I don't get to watch the News I read this on the train
12. Taste of Home - What is this?
13. Sports Illustrated - Understandable
14. Cosmopolitan - JUNK. They have been writing about the same Sex stuff for forever
15. Prevention - Flat Belly Fast? Hmmmm
16. Southern Living - I used to subscribe, but so many ads about Kiawah and painted wineglasses
17. Via - AAA Traveler's Companion? WTF?
18. Maxim - Understandable
19. O - Figures, she is going to take over the planet.
20. American Legion Magazine - ??

What do you all think? Who should be in this list?? We have the power to bump them up to the top by the end of the year!
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