Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Glossy Magazine in the Mailbox = Ecstasy!

There is nothing better than coming home and having a new Magazine in your Mailbox. I used to get tons of subscriptions...they have dwindled. I try to convince M that paying $4.99 for a single House Beautiful is silly when you can get an entire year for $12.00. Right????

HOWEVER, I just checked the mail and who is on the cover of Town & Country??? Who has a new shop in Charlotte, NC??

TORY BURCH. She is so fresh and pretty and pretty and classy and all those things I would be if I had more highlights.
(sorry for photos, from phone)

Images from a slightly tipsy Kiki after a rained out AAA Baseball game with work. Oh, and T&C


  1. She is sucha doll!! I love her style and class!

    Art by Karena

  2. Yes! I saw that one the other day and had to stop to read about Tory. She just came back from Peru, where we are going this week! I couldn't believe we had something in common :)

  3. I looked at your blog several weeks ago and then couldn't find it again, one of my readers helped me out and when I opened this post I laughed because I am also working on a post about Tory. I got so excited when I saw her on the cover of T & C because I have that same necklace!