Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You know you are 30 when.......

You start to think the clothes at Lands End and Talbots aren't so bad.....

Lands End Canvas-Who doesn't love that Redhead?

That Gray dress....Perfect with boots for the Fall

Please tell me someone else out there thinks Talbots is cute?!
PS-She looks likes the lovely Velvet & Linen

I would rock the office in this. But need serious help putting this together, and probably longer pants...

What do you ladies think? Am I drinking the Kool-aid? I know everyone else loves J.Crew but I'm kind of over them lately. Well, except for the Clearance Center in Asheville. I'll pay $10 for J.Crew any day.


  1. I love all those! The gray dress in boots, I'm ALL over that!!

  2. I'm dying for the gray Canvas dress. Talbots has really stepped up- I have an adorable gold-mustard peacoat I got there last year. So many compliments every wear! LL Bean Signature is also modern- got my catalog last night and was blown away.

  3. Ha I'm with you. It's cute. Some of the Canvas stuff is sort of high though (like $350 boots).

  4. Katharine- So glad to know about your blog. I'm off to look around! xx- Brooke

  5. Wow wow wow. I am drinking the Kool Aid! Is is because we are 30 or because they have gotten better. I love every single outfit you featured!

  6. it HAS to be because they've gotten better. ;) Have you seen the LL Bean signature collection too? Perfection.

  7. I love your blog - just found you through Blue Hydrangea.

    Well, I'm 37, so closer to the big 40 than you, so I tend to steer clear of Talbot's for fear of the mere hint that I might become - ahem, middle-aged. But these are making me change my mind. Although, they do remind me of J. Crew and if I recall Talbot's prices aren't much better than JC's.

  8. too cute. loving all the looks.