Friday, August 13, 2010

The Today Show = Epic News Fail

I work from home on Fridays and am granted the luxury of watching news. I used to LOVE the Today show in college. Katie Couric and Matt Lauer were the duo I was watching on 9/11.

So when they do interviews like the crap shown above, I decide to change the channel to something more timeworthy, something that is innoncent and represents all that used to be good in the world....The Karate Kid. Because at least Ralph Macchio has class and character unlike 78% of the guests that are interviewed on NBC.

**And yes, I'm just bringing more attention to the Suckhan's by posting this but I need to know you are behind me! Ban the LoSuckHan family from all Media!!!! Give our girls a good role model, like Selena Gomez or Emma Watson!


  1. Amen and Amen- I no longer watch that news channel either-Diana

  2. Agreed. I just look's a reflex now.

  3. I couldn't believe they had her on either. And I think they reached the same conclusion because on Monday they did a whole story on how they couldn't believe how in denial she was. Of course, that just brought more attention to the low-life Lohans. Blech!