Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Large Pepperoni, Half Mushrooms, Half Glock

I try not to post about politics or religion because it just causes riots. Kind of like a Britney Spears sex riot...but I digress.

But when I read this article in the Charlotte Observer I felt I had to express my opinion, and that is exactly why I tweet and blog. Now sure, I want my blog to be about pretty things...houses, decor, etc, but it is also about what is important me; and this is.

From the Charlotte Observer:
A moment later, three men walked in, at least two pointing guns. The first one told the deliveryman: "I mean business."

They told him to open the safe. The deliveryman said he didn't have access.
"Get down!" one ordered. When the deliveryman didn't, he says the man pistol-whipped him. The men then ordered him into a bathroom while they waited for the manager.
One of the robbers waited in the bathroom with the deliveryman. He ordered him to wrap his arms around the toilet, kneeling, and then demanded money.
"Every time I hesitated, he hit me. I have so many bumps," the driver said. He turned over his $42 in tips for the night and a gold chain with a Jesus medallion he's worn for almost 40 years.
The whole time, the driver tried to keep his gun pressed against his body, under his baggy shirt. The driver has a concealed carry permit, and started carrying the gun after being robbed twice in the past two years.
When the manager returned moments later, the suspects grabbed him. One told the deliveryman to crawl to the cooler in the back.
"I said I can't crawl," said the deliveryman, realizing that if he bent over any further his gun would stick out. "As soon as I stood up, he hit me. I took a big step and ended up in the cooler."
Then, the suspect demanded car keys and hit the deliveryman again, opening a nearly 2-inch gash next to his left eye.
When the suspect started to lift the deliveryman's shirt, he realized the robber was about to see his gun.
"I thought, 'He's gonna kill us,'" the deliveryman said. "They're gonna get what they want, and still kill me. "I pulled my gun. I shot him three times, and he fell."

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Both of these men had previous records and were out on probation. And I know it is very unChristian of me but I see it as two criminals off the streets. They BEAT this man, had previous records...multiple accounts on each...and this man defended himself and they criminals are dead.

What makes me really angry is Pizza Hut typically fires their employees for this. They have fired delivery men in 2004 and 2008 for firing a gun on a robber.

I'm not saying I want every delivery man out there in the world with a gun. But if he works in a bad area of town late at night, I see no problem with it.

We are the proud owners of a Colt Defender. M has taken me to a firing range to learn how to shoot it and if necessary I have no problem. Of course we keep it in a locked safe but when M is out of town I cannot deny keeping it a little closer (as long as D is not in town).

So I guess the moral of my post (Yes, I realize I'm rambling out into blog universe) is I just believe this man defended himself and deserves to keep his job, and possibly the key to the city.

**You must always learn how to operate a gun safely and if you carry one have your carry conceal permit. And I'm not the crazy Sarah Palin. I don't want everyone running around toting guns...but I do believe in the above instance it was necessary.

***And to make sure I keep my blogs light-hearted please see below.

Images from the Charlotte Observer and Pundit Kitchen


  1. it's so seriously ridiculous that this is the kind of society that we live in.

    we have a whole host of weapons under our bed just in case. I can't imagine not owning a gun.

    sad, but true.

  2. how scary is that. we dont have guns. not a fan, but all our neighbors do and my friends.