Monday, September 27, 2010

The Arrival of Fall

My absolute favorite time of year is on its way. Labor Day weekend was a total teaser in Asheville. The low Sunday morning at my parents' house was 49. That's right...49. My parents live in a big tree house type of home on a mountain in South Asheville. There is nothing like waking up to see all the leaves falling, the bright blue sky, mountains all around, and walk in my socked feet and my sweatsuit (black Nike workout pants and a UNC hoodie) to the kitchen where Dad is cooking fried eggs on salt-rising toast. My parents keep the windows open until it finally dips into the 40's so its always crisp!
Looking down my parents' driveway

There is just something mesmerizing about Fall. Already here in Charlotte you can see the light filter through the trees, beckoning you to step outside and promising that it will soon cool off. Kids are playing Football at the local high school and on Friday nights we can hear the loudspeaker announce the play by play action. I grew up playing tennis in the fall, where you would have to put your warm ups back on before a match was over.

I just can't describe my love for this season. Mums, scarecrows, all the cheesy Martha/Pottery Barn decorations. Cuddling up around the firepit drinking Bourbon and watching football...tailgating...It truly is the best.

One of my favorite memories is the Christ School vs Asheville School football game. All my Dad's high school buddies would venture up the mountain to experience my father cook all weekend, play music similar to the Big Chill soundtrack, and have a rip roaring good time. Of course the main event is the Football game at either CS or AS. Always a picturesque fall scene! GO GREENIES!!!

Greenie Fans at Christ School

Game at Asheville School

Does anyone remember that movie Hocus Pocus? It always creeps into my mind this time of year, and now Harry Potter movies also trigger the memories of Halloweens past. I can remember trick-or-treating in the snow in Asheville once! 

Here are a few images that might describe my crazy stream of consciousness better than I can. Oh the Nostalgia!!!!

Did I mention Fall is when my Camellias bloom? And look at my beautiful Oakleaf Hydrangea changing colors in the background. That should hopefully happen later in October.

Images from google, Martha, flickr, UNC, myself
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