Thursday, January 13, 2011

Does Expensive Make-up fix your Face?

There is nothing worse than being broken out. I have been broken out most of my life. I went on Accutane (mistake) in 9th grade and while my face was clear for maybe a year the Zombie like appearance and nose bleeds really were not worth it. You could have cast me as an extra in Zombieland. Plus, I think it stole some of my marbles...

Before my Wedding I worked with someone who gave me their entire stash of Proactiv saying they were allergic. This stuff worked! Besides the occasional pop-up from stress or wearing a hat (stupid) I had a pretty clear face for all the pre-parties, the Wedding, and all Honeymoon.

During all that time the winning combo for me was Proactiv + Trish McEvoy SPF Oil-Free Lotion + Lancome Teint Idole. Does Trish still make this lotion? And has anyone used the new "light from within" Lancome stuff Teint Miracle?

These days I'm just a mess. I 'm sure it is the pregnancy but I haven't had a real clear face in ages. Or maybe the truth behind a "Pregnancy Glow" is the fact that your face is an oil-slick.


I do love to try new products and everyone suggested Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer...NEVER AGAIN. That stuff is terrible, even the Oil Free. I actually have 3/4 of a tube if anyone wants to buy it. Which is another thing that ticks me off, that was a good $40ish I spent on that stuff and it blew. Is selling half used make-up on Ebay gross?

This Neutrogena seems to be helping and I added Oil of Olay to the mix because besides the blemishes I also need to knock out some wrinkles. And like I said...I'm trying to be cheap.

So...sorry for my morning rant but what are your good combinations? I'm tempted to head to the mall this weekend and pick up the Proactiv/Trish/Lancome trio and hope it works. But I seriously hate dropping $150 on stuff for just my face. My face shouldn't cost that much. I won't even go into the breaking out that is going on around my neck. I pray that is just pregnancy.

Any advice? xoxoxoxo

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  1. Pregnancy flips your body around! Don't do anything drastic and don't spend money on something you won't need after. I bet you look gorgeous as is!

  2. Girl pregnancy changes your skin like crazy! I have always used clinique 3 step on my face and it works great!

  3. Uggh....pregnancy does change your skin as I am just finding out! Not in a good way! I have always used Clinique to wash my face and I prob always will!

  4. I broke out alot while I was pregnant. I use Purpose Face Wash. It is dirt cheap and I swear it works as good as LaMer (I have tried many a face wash even the $60 LaMer one). I also am obsessed with Cetaphil moiusterizer (the one in the big jar). It is cheap too. As for make-up sadly I love the Laura Mercier stuff, so can't help much. Although Clue de peau has an awesome primer and tinted moisturizer they are $$$ but work great. I swear by their concealer. Good luck girl, you are near the end of your pregnancy and your skin will even out!

  5. Cetaphil lotion, Cetaphil facewash, - all of it is so gentle and works for me and fairly inexpensive. It is usually featured in beauty guides in magazines too. Or you can buy PanOxyl which is a cheaper version drugstore version of Proactive - all proactive really has is a lot of benzoyl peroxide in it. Anyhoo! Good luck - my face still breaks out too, except I'm not pregnant - just cursed with bad skin - I thought it would be over in my 30's!

  6. Check out Kari Hamilton Hays on facebook; here is her post about Drugstore finds;
    She is a Nashville aesthetician. I think you can "like" on facebook or at least get her blog feeds...good luck!

  7. Very similar story to yours and just had my first baby in September. I swear by Proactiv and MAC for cosmetics. Seriously, go to a MAC counter and ask for advice. The makeup artists are always super friendly and knowledgeable and will give you a free makeover (though I always end up buying one or two products--I love their primer, foundation and lip colors). You can see my profile pic on FB, taken on a date night when I was wearing full makeup (normally I only wear lipstick).

  8. PS MAC is not super expensive. Can't stress how much I love their products. Don't be put off by the drag queen stuff. The artists know how to pull off the perfect "no makeup" look, too.

  9. PPS I just sent you (I think) a FB friend request even though I'm a total stranger to you, just so you can see my pic. Please don't feel that you need to friend me!