Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Uggs. Fuggs. Let's discuss

I started googling images of Uggs and this article from the Daily Mail popped up. Hilarious.

I see women wearing Uggs all over Charlotte and they do look like they have Happy Feet. But being a realistic shopper if you wore those outside right now as our ice turns to slush won't your feet get wet? In the 9" of snow my parents received over Christmas wouldn't they just get soaked? Do your feet sweat? Do you wear socks just to make sure you don't get foot smell? Do they look like a fancier pair of Snooki slippers?

I have never wanted a pair. I'm an LL Bean boot kinda girl and have Wellies for snow. Not exactly warm but throw in a pair of awesome wool socks and you are golden.

HOWEVER....being 7 months pregnant and cold and large and irritable has made me rethink the Uggs. And now? They look like HEAVEN. I have seen two pairs on friends lately. My friend had an ornament swap and she had a cute attendee in a brown dress, brown tights and uggs..and it was completely adorable. This same friend then came over for dinner last week and had on a gray pair with jeans...again completely stylish. And I have to say that my frozen toes in ballet flats were slightly pissed at me for questioning the furry shoes in the first place.

 And to make a horrible mom had a pair of Faux Uggs (FUGGS) in her closet that I have stolen and have been wearing around the house to protect my preggo feet from the tile.

If Reese wears them it must be okay!

So what is the vote? If I get a pair will I look like all the 16 year old girls in size -2 jeans at Southpark Mall with their Louis Vuitton bags? Or should I not give a #$;^*% and just do it b/c they are so luxurious? Maybe this is the same argument as the Velour Jumpsuit. Not pretty, tacky even, but if it is comfortable who cares?

Do you have Uggs? Did the price make you feel guilty for buying tall slippers? Please do tell!

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  1. Say no to the FUGGS! Put them away! I will not lie, I own two, yes two pairs of UGGS. and sadly everytime I wear them Matt calls Snookie. But Girl, the boots feel like you are wearing slippers and they keep you so warm. I don't wear mine out in public alot but they are great for house wear and errands. I wore them all the time while I was pregnant. My fat, swollen feet couldn't fit in much else!

  2. haha! never owned a pair, but heard they are wonderful. I wore crocs when I was pregnant, comfort trumps all then ;)

  3. Try to find a pair of EMU's. They are the "original" Uggs and are much better.
    Most Australian's wear EMUs and not Uggs -- either way you get a total free pass because you're pregnant!! :)

  4. I had a top that I wore when I was was orange...what was I thinking....well,I was expecting twins and I looked like the great pumpkin.
    Uggs, are fine for teens but not for me...they look like a scene out of a Star Wars movie...

  5. I resisted these UGGS for a long long time, because I just wasn't sure about the look. But, like you, I was jealous of all those warm feet! I just got a pair for Christmas - the grey ones - perfect because they go with pretty much anything. I Love, Love, Love them. My hubby thinks they look attractive, although at first, he called them my "moon boots". I'm a no sock girl because these don't make my feet sweat. Also, they make some sort of treatment to protect them from the rain, but I don't chance it-I love them too much! Have you heard about Man Uggs - Muggs? Now, those are crazy!

  6. I AM a proud owner of FUGGS and proud of it! I have been sporting them all over New Orleans and my feet have never been happier!