Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lonny Review = Hillary Thomas Obsessed!!

I usually flip through my new Lonny pretty quickly just to see if anything jumps out and grabs me; but when I came across the spread of Marlien Rentmeester's home decorated by Hillary Thomas I stopped dead in my tracks.

I ADORE every room in this house. It is preppy, clean, organized, beautiful, and just stunning. I lived in West Palm Beach from 2002-2006 and wish I had taken advantage of Dixie Highway then. The Dixie world (Some call the area South of Southern SoSo) was just coming into its own with shops like C Bell opening and my tiny apartment in the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens couldn't fit one more piece of furniture.

I will let the photos speak for themselves but I'm sure you are all drooling too!

Chandelier! Lattice Chairs! Mirrors! Rug! BEAUTIFUL!

This room is your view from the gorgeous Dining Room. What I love is the colors aren't picked from some generic set up match card. You know what I mean, this plaid goes with this stripe and then use this as an accent. Each piece fits into the room perfectly without being an exact match to the color scheme. I'm trying to learn how to do this but I'm failing miserably. You know who is a pro at this? Markham Roberts. But I digress..

Yes! Love a dark sultry painted powder room. And adore it when the walls are filled with something funky. My powder room is Navy with old liquor advertisements...need to add more. But I do require a mirror, I'm mirror obsessed.

Crisp clean bed with something that appears to be Leontine Linens? Yes please. On my wish list. If Leontine ever happened to my bed I think it would kick the dogs off for good. Ask me how that is going. Oh, and the fabric on the Roman shades? Flying ducks....M would absolutely love and approve of that purchase.

So much inspiration would flow out of my mind if I was sitting at this desk!!! I finally have a new spot to blog (pictures soon) but now need a work area for my 9-5. This belly is getting so large and I'm working from home my 3rd month of maternity leave. Where to set that area up?

Grasscloth - My ultimate wish to put in the Nursery. I wish someone would photograph some of the homes Pauline Pitt has decorated in Palm Beach, she uses grasscloth and it ALWAYS turns out beautifully. I spy another beautiful clean crisp white bed. Perfection

Hillary, you are such a fantastic designer and now I'm off to go stalk you through your website! Oh Lord, I just peeked at her site. I'm dying. That will be this afternoon's post. Want a teaser?


Images via Lonny and Hillary Thomas


  1. I know!! I love it! I have got to get my lazy but down south and hit the Dixie Highway!!

  2. I could not agree with you more. This is the first time I've ever seen a spread where I said, "I want to live in this house." I would not change a single thing apart from the leopard carpet. Leopard's something I think should be used sparingly, but otherwise I thought the house was impeccable. And I grew up in Florida, but on the Gulf. Wish I could go to WPB!