Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Don't give a &^%$ about this Bieber Kid

Dear Vanity Fair,

I'm 30 years old and I pay good $$ for a subscription to your magazine. I don't give a crap about some 16 year old singer that wears terrible shoes and has money coming out his tighty whities. Cover FAIL. This ranks right up there with your Lohan eff up. I would rather see a McDonald's Large Fry gracing the front of your glossy magazine. You put some crap like Snooki on here and I'm canceling my subscription.


  1. Ok I am dying laughing that we both found each others blogs and you actually know Matt! I thought your name sounded familar. Well my friend, I freaking love your blog, adding you to my favorites list as we speak. I so agree about Justin Beiber, although I wouldn't be too sad if Zac Efron graced that cover (yes, I am considered a cougar now that I hit 30 and like 21 year olds).

  2. So glad you found my blog!

    I second you and Natalie's comments about Justin Beiber. I turned off the MTV music awards last summer when he was the featured performer and decided I was officially old.

  3. OK Whoop Whoop for awesome blogs!!! Found you through my Girl Natalie, and I must agree I love your blog too!!! I also have to agree that I don't see what the hype is about this kid!


  4. I can't stand him.
    He and John Mayer can go away.

  5. Upon pulling this guy out of the mailbox today, I muttered the same sentiments. Really, Beiber? Really? Looking forward to lunch!!

  6. You are seriously hysterical. I think the pregnancy is making your even more funny.