Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bourbon & the 4th of July

Garden & Gun just facebooked this old article by Roy Blount Jr..and this paragraph reminded me of a 4th of July a few years ago...


Ode to Bourbon

Sweet Reflection on a Sour MashI like Wild Turkey, and this Bulleit isn’t at all bad, and, by the way, the Bulleit comes in a flask-shaped bottle that is pretty cool. Jack Daniel’s, however, is just eighty proof, whereas the Bulleit is ninety, and this Wild Turkey I have is — whoa — 101. So you can drink more of the Jack Daniel’s. How much more? Well, I never said I could drink and do percentages.

You see....I'm a Jim Beam girl. Good ol' White Label Jim Beam. And yes, I mix it with Coke Zero. I can typically knock back 4-6 in an evening and be primed for putting on a typical Boylan show. But several years ago my dear friends Josh & Sarah Eaves brought up something a little fancier. After our Annual 4th of July debauchery at the lake we decided to break into the liquor to begin the evening's festivities. I ran out of Beam after an hour so Josh offered up the Rip Van Winkle. I was too buzzed to appreciate the grandeur of the bottle so the fact that it was 12 year and 107 proof fell on drunk ears.

Fast forward several hours later and I was pole dancing on the dock trying to choreograph a routine that went with the $1000 SC fireworks. My husband had to throw me on the golf cart (thanks honey for the bruising) and get me home. My own mother wouldn't even let me sleep upstairs with her, they laid me on the drunk chilling cold tile of my parents' bathroom.

The moral of the story? Take a damn minute to honor the bottle you are about to consume. Its the patriotic thing to do.

Stay Safe this weekend!


  1. Ok I am not even a bourbon drinker and I love me some Rip Van Winkle. So damn good. I loved that story, I am like that with vodka. Its pretty bad how many I can knock back in one night....

  2. I am a bourbon drinker and love Jack and Beam. I prefer mine with diet coke and a fresh squeezed lime - nothing better! Love the picture of you be hauled away...and I have the same Jack Roger shoes, long lost sisters?!?! :)

    Just need found your blog today! Now I need comment on your cooler bag....leaving for the beach on the 23rd. Oh I have a great idea that may be a winner....recipe for Kentucky Lemonade. Will a picture fit in that cooler?