Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pinterest Addiction

I pitched a tantrum fit for a 3 year old when I realized I couldn't just access Pinterest and that I need an invitation. Well after begging for a login they let me in!

Have you checked it out? It is a magic world of images. Similar to doing a google image search but with all the fancy bells and whistles bloggers like.

Example: Type Yellow Lab and you get the following images..(and hundreds more!) Expect to see lots of Pinterest photos coming your way...

 I love lazy dogs

Yes, ours sleep in the bed with us too...lots of hair in the mouth.

OKL photo?

This looks like Mary Baker's home in FL

I want this!!! One of Boudreaux and one of Naya!

This looks like my parents' lab Dewars
Soaps anyone?

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