Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vineyard Vines coming to Charlotte!

I know some of you are rolling your eyes at the WASPy Clothing company with the big pink whale but I honestly do love their clothes. 

What started out as a great spot for ties has developed into some of my husband's favorite shirts, and my absolute favorite sweaters in the fall.

So I'm ecstatic they are opening a store in Southpark Mall this June! I was not impressed with the postcard though..why not throw a huge store opening party? Free Cheerwine, BBQ, 10% off...etc. I know when Banana Republic had their Chick-fil-a and Champagne shopping days I was always spending $$. Retail stores take note: free food & alcohol always makes a girl drop the cash. And the men won't complain b/c they can eat and get a buzz and forget what limit they told their spouses.

Here are a few items I would purchase if I wasn't spending my life savings on diapers and mother's milk vitamins...

Items left to right @ Vineyard Vines

Courtside Tennis Dress $98.50
Seersucker Ruffle Skirt $98.50
Golfers Helper Printed Tie $75.00 (Father's Day!)
Girls' Tortuga Trench (my niece would look so cute in this!) $79.99
Flagler Stripe Breakers Polo $69.50
Montauk Plaid Board Shorts $79.50
Golf Balls Bow Tie $45
Shep Shirt $98
Saints Classic Tote $95
Lobster Chappy Trunks for D! $55 (would love him to match his Dad)
Twill Club Shorts (M will never wear these) $69.50
Little Boys Beach Ball Stripe Jersey Polo (For Ford when he is older!) $35
Newhall Gingham Murray Shirt $98.50

What do you like from VVines?

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