Friday, September 16, 2011

Blog Love Friday: Michelle at Dessert First

Several years ago I worked for a great company in South Charlotte.....and I got laid off. It was one of the hardest things I think I have ever dealt with professionally. It wasn't just me, there were a bunch of us that got the pink slip, but I have never felt so worthless. I had made so many amazing friends at that company and truly loved what I did and I just could not understand why they picked me.

The silver lining is that we stayed in touch with most of the people I used to work with. One particular couple is the G Family. When my water broke at 2:15 in the morning we knew we could call upon this family of one awesome mom and 4 boys to come help us with my stepson.  (Yes T, I just called you a boy) They started as our tailgate buddies but we really consider them close friends.

So after baby Ford came home this is what supermom Michelle brought us.....

Insane right? ALL homemade!!! If you have a friend that is expecting or just brought a baby home you should seriously contact her to do your drop off dinner. So I'm so excited she has started a blog!!!! Please go check her out immediately. She is an amazing mother and fabulous cook. Plus she just posted about Fall which is by far the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR!
Michelle if I was your neighbor I would come steal these!


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