Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Confession Tuesday: Missoni Confusion

I must not be a stylish person. I like pretty things but I would not be classified as someone "in the know" when it comes to fashion. So when the world melted down today and crashed the Target site for Missoni I was left speechless.

People went nuts...

For this shit...

Okay, I give you this and only this...the above dress paired with black tights and boots or flats would be cute. But that's IT! (Well maybe the flats, my co-worker got them and they are kind of cute)

Mostly I think it all looks like this!

Did you shop? What did you buy? Email me pics of your outfits and prove me wrong!


Pics via google & ScoopCharlotte


  1. baby girl rainboots and flats were all I liked. The rest wasn't me at all :)

    I did spy a blue and teal storage bin that Chassity snagged that I liked.

    There were definitely a few peeps with carts like that at our target this morning who had absolutely no style and I was shocked they even knew what missoni was.

  2. Haha! Too true. Matt actually owns a sweater that looks quite like the one bill Cosby is wearing. I did go and snagged the ballet flats, black pumps and a sweater. Call me Claire Huxtable if you will:)

  3. The stuff can be a bit much but when paired alone with like black or brown tights the skirts and dresses are cute! The scarves can provide a pop of color against a solid sweater, but yes it's not for everyone. My husband thinks the zig zag reminds him of Charley Brown shirt...haha :)

  4. You just made my day!! Apparently you and I are the only ones who think that Missoni crap is "to die for!" I would only wear it if someone gave it to me. I am a plain dressed girl :)). I will keep my white shirt and black pants outfit over the Missoni any day!