Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Get in Shape Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

I could break those legs with a paintball gun..look at the chick the 2nd from the right.

Her ass could fit in my cereal bowl

** I know what you are all going to say. The purpose of these women is to sell lingerie and look amazing, which they all do very well. But in this world of bullies, sexting and suicide I think we need to work on what we are selling our kids. I don't want a 12 year old girl buying sweatpants with "Pink" on the ass hoping she will look like these women.

The show last night was beautiful and the women jaw-dropping. They are all amazingly stunning and I understand it is their sole job/purpose to look the best they possibly can. I just wish they all had about 10 more pounds on them. Adriana Lima, who actually looks to be one of the healthier girls on the runway, let the juice out of the bag when she described how she prepares for the show....
"In an interview with the Daily Telegraph that has sent shock waves around the world, Lima was frank about her extreme diet and fitness regimen in the days leading up to the annual televised Victoria's Secret fashion show, set to air on November 9.
In addition to twice-daily workouts, for nine days leading up to the show, Lima eats no solids. She subsists entirely on protein shakes made in part from powdered eggs, and drinks a gallon of water a day. Two days before the show, she stops drinking the gallon of water and just drinks normally.
Then, 12 hours before the show, she has nothing. No food. No water.
"No liquids at all so you dry out, sometimes you can lose up to eight pounds just from that," she told The Telegraph. "

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 Please girls out not follow this!

I do love to watch the show and try to imagine what their glittered 0% body fat-cellulite free-tanned bodies smell like. Vanilla or Latex? But I miss me some Heidi Klum.

My main point is that I wish this show would do a segment where they put on some Jock Jams and show us some Athletes..they can even be hot athletes! But show us some bodies that are truly 100% healthy and that are toned from busting their booties in the gym and not the juice bar.

A few examples:

Hope Solo- US Women's Soccer

Gretchen Bleiler - US Snowboarding

Jessica Biel

More Jessica Biel..she could ROCK that runway

Misty May and Kerri Walsh- US Women's Volleyball

Allison Stokke- Vault - UCal

Jenni Finch - US Women's Softball

Katarina Witt-So hot. I had a hard time finding a non-topless photo of her

Ana Ivanovic - Tennis Player for Serbia

Any amazing women out there you would like to see on the runway? Michelle Obama?

xoxo-I'm off to Taco Bell


  1. I seriously love that you wrote this. It's so true! I am so happy for their starving selves, really I am, but hell to the no am I going to live off of powdered eggs and water for days to gear up for a bikini. I'm completely happy in a ruffled one piece with a skirt. (kidding. but get back to me in a few years.)

  2. I L O V E this! Well said. I'd meet you at taco bell but Im headed to Five Guys for a double bacon burger.

    A few of my faves
    Scarlet Johanson
    Salma Hayek