Friday, February 3, 2012

Bartender for Baby's First Birthday?

I'm starting to think our parents had it so easy. A cake, some streamers, color coordinated tablecloths, a few cocktails and the perfect birthday party was born. In the age of Pinterest/Etsy/Facebook/Blogging;  a birthday party is a mother's creative outlet. (Or an excuse to drink wine in the middle of the day with her friends) Behold a site I discovered through Pinterest......Kara's party Ideas

Now let me start off by saying I am not making fun of these parties. If I had the time and creativity I would do this in a heartbeat! But how do you keep a balance between these and a nice backyard fiesta?
Photos from my 1st birthday party-a fabulous backyard get together in New Orleans. March 14th, 1981

What is considered overboard? I am obsessing (who's shocked?) about this birthday party. Do I have a small gathering that is relaxed and casual? Or do I pick a cute theme and go all out? Ford is my first baby and I absolutely love having people over so my mission is to come up with a happy medium.

Just for fun I thought you would like to see some flashback pictures from this girl's birthday parties in the 80's!

My Grandmother Katharine "Kay" Braselman Boylan lighting my 1st birthday cake

2nd Birthday with a Doberge cake! (My absolute favorite from Gambino's)

3rd Birthday in the Mountains. We had just moved into Chipmunk Hill

McDonald's Cake!! Remember those Iced characters?

Trapped in Hamburglar. It started to hail 5 minutes after this picture

This was the norm for me. Pretty dresses, cake, either an Easter or St. Patrick's theme and giggles. (If a March blizzard didn't cancel the party)

What did you do for your baby's first birthday party? Want to come to Ford's? Is a Bartender overboard?



  1. I don't have children, but I think a bartender would be appreciated far more by your guests than a bounce house.

  2. Okay, here is my two cents. But cupcakes, I'll text you my source that blew the roof off everyone who came. And buy some cupcake toppers off of etsy or someone creative. Have everything else be an adult party. Bartender included. Just offer juice boxes and bottles of water at the bar for the kiddos. First birthdays are about the parents and your friends. Plan accordingly. Don't stress! We did a brunch bc everyone with kids was already up and they were home by naptime. All of Matt's single friends were more than happy to come start their day with free mimosas and bloodies and then go keep drinking the afternoon away!

  3. I don't come to kid birthday parties unless there is booze...just saying. I also had many a party at McDonald's. Loved the sugary characters on the cakes and the fact that you got a happy meal toy.

  4. Totally agree parties are over the top these days. The important things in my book are booze for the adults and cake or cupcakes thats all you need!

  5. Oh yes, I so remember the McDonald's birthday cakes!!