Monday, February 6, 2012

Gotta love the Giants....and Kate Mara!

Most of you are well aware I'm a Saints fan but in last night's Super Bowl I was obviously rooting for the Giants. And please, who gives a shit what Gisele said...really, who cares! I would like to gag all the press talking about her comments with a Victoria's Secret thong. Eli played a hell of a game and they beat the Pats again! Doesn't Eli seem like the nicest guy in the world? And he is SO LAID BACK. I need what he is on. I'm also very proud of UNC player Hakeem Nicks, Tar Heel with a Super Bowl ring!

This post is really about somebody else close to the Giants. Everyone is talking about Rooney Mara these days but do you know Kate Mara? She is the great grand-daughter of the founder of the New York Giants and used to sing the National Anthem at home games. She also happens to be one of my girl crushes.....behold....

I wonder if she was at the game. I wonder if she reads my blog. I wonder how I would look with that hair color?

Random post...yes. Cold medicine..probably took too much.



  1. Hooray for a Heel with a Super Bowl Ring! I am trying to get my dinner menu set for tomorrow nights game vs. Duke!
    Kate Mara is gorgeous!

  2. Yay Giants! As for Kate...yes your hair would look great that color but I am not a fan of her. ONLY because she is in American Horror Story and she's EVIL.