Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Facebook Retail Therapy-Smocked Auctions

I'm sure you have already heard about Smocked Auction's site on Facebook. Besides Pinterest it is the new legal crack for us bubble obsessed mommas.

The first kids clothing site I ever stumbled across on Facebook was Smocked Auctions. When I became a fan there were maybe 7,000 other smocked crazed Moms pounding their refresh key twice a week in the evening. Smocked Auctions is now up to 58,000+ fans and climbing every second. What is the attraction? On Tuesday and Thursday nights SA hosts an "Auction" at 8:30 CST where they will post a photo of a smocked outfit and you have to write Sold, OOT (out of Texas) size and email as fast as humanly possible. I won an outfit last year and it was quite the thrill...but this is back when there were 1/8 of the fans there are now. The clothes are adorable and priced much lower than your typical shops around town.  Here is an example of the hysteria...
Yep, in 1 minute 111 people commented on this bubble. Insane!!! I'm not sure I could win again. I have seen husbands and wives act as teams on multiple computers throughout the house. And when I mean "I have seen" I mean through the hilarious banter that goes on during auction nights on SA's wall. Seriously, even if you aren't trigger happy with your keyboard you should at least watch an auction! And yes...I did win once!.......

My Smocked Auctions win back in the summer!

They also do Pre-orders which is great for Holidays. Ford's Christmas Snowman Longall came from SA. I would have done Thanksgiving also but went with Zulily.

Do you SA? Have you won? Do tell!



  1. I have yet to bid on anything but I always want to! The clothes are so adorable. Sadly my little man is getting to big for bubbles anymore:(

  2. Thank you so much for the sweet post, Katharine! We're so happy that you love Smocked Auctions as much as we do. :)

  3. Hi! We love smocked auctions too! So much that we wanted to get in on the fun! We are a very new facebook auction, and we would love for you to check us out! Our auctions are Wednesday nights at 8 pm CST. We hope you will join us!

    It's a Smocked World

    Thanks! Julie and Jaime