Friday, February 17, 2012

Share the Wealth

Most Southern women feel that discussing their private finances is taboo. But in this day and age I think women are becoming more open and honest about what their lives are like. Momastery wrote an amazing post about letting it all out and shocking people with the truth behind her perfect soccer mom persona. I would love to divulge all the stesses under this roof but just can't do it. I probably shouldn't tell my friends as much as I do already but I find it cathartic and helpful to know that my friends know why I don't call them all the time or ever look like I have showered.

In the lines of Momastery one of my favorite bloggers needs our help. Do you read Jenny from MFAMB? You should. She is amazing, hilarious and absolutely beautiful. Did I mention quite talented? Her paintings are making their rounds throughout the blogosphere and she needs your help.

Jenny original at Furbish

Head over to MFAMB and read this post and consider buying one of her paintings or donating your weekly Starbucks allowance. Or if you can't donate money, donate your little black book. Tell some glossy magazine or online look book about her paintings. Get her featured. Make her famous. Because she should be. And she makes you laugh for free which is much better than a therapist. Read Awards shows recaps here.


Southern Bourbon Mountains loves women that say fuck

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