Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Honey, what do you want for Valentine's/Birthday/Anniversary??

I get this question quite frequently. Its not that M doesn't know what I like...I just am cheap. Horribly cheap. Wait, that sounds horrible. I'm frugal. Ugh, even worse. Example: When M asks what I want I say one of the lame answers:
1. A haircut. (Its been since August ladies....I don't have a person in Charlotte!)
2. An outfit for Ford
3. New dish soap from Williams Sonoma
4. Pine straw for the yard
5. Magazine Subscriptions

Yeah, real sexy gifts there Katharine. So you see why he just gives up and gives me a dollar amount and I go shopping. (For Ford.)

So I thought it would be a great idea (Thanks Natalie!) to post about what I want instead of what I need. M won't join Pinterest so I'm bringing my Pinterest Wishlist Board to my blog!

I love my Barbour jacket but this one is a touch more feminine and this color would be perfect year round.

I'm a smell person. Ask anyone that knows me well. Candles, perfumes, sachet packets....this perfume is amazing!

Oh Jane Scott....one day I will have these in my Master. But not yellow...can't decide.

Cotton throw on dress that hides my arms, doesn't wrinkle, and machine washable? Yes please!

 I'm in LOVE with this scent!!

 White for the Den, because baby and mama love blankets!

Love this!!

Glossy Pretty Magazines
I'm ordering this today through Amazon! $10

The field where we dove hunt has a view almost exactly like this. Reminds me of sitting with my Dad shooting the sh*t and talking about life. 

Yes this is lame but have you smelled it? I love having a tiny bit of luxury in the Kitchen

I desperately need a new wallet. I love this Kate Spade one but I prefer to have the flip out section for your Driver's License...so still on the hunt.

If this had an outside pocket this would be my summer bag. The huge baby bag is getting to be a little too much and this would be safe from Sippy cups, goldfish...etc!

Goyard Tote
Same reasons as above, would this be a great summer Mom bag?

Yes, back to practical...but I have tons of prints to be framed!! And the FW at Carmel Road and Quail Hollow has some of the nicest people ever. Tell them I sent you! Their prices beat everyone in Charlotte hands down.

I hope you all have a very wonderful Valentine's Day! If you want to see more items that are on my Wishlist, follow me on Pinterest!

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  1. haha your list sounds exactly like mine on special occassion. I dont know how many times I have asked for haircut and my husband rolls his eyes adn tells me I dont need to ask permission for one ;)

  2. Great list! I am dying for a Goyard bag! Maybe one day Matt will strike it rich and buy me one!

  3. im sure, im gonna buy something from here:)
    Math Worksheets

  4. I just purchased that Longchamp for my Spring/Summer baby bag/purse all in one! I bought the same one last summer in lavender and it was absolutely perfect to hold all baby and my things!!!