Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Wish List Part 1

*This post is not me complaining at all. I have a very happy, silly and wonderful life!

I will write a heartfelt post on actual Mother's Day...but for now I need to answer the question that has been bouncing all around our house this week..."What do you want for Mother's day"?

This article from Risa Green on Modern Mom really struck a chord with me. There are plenty of material things I would like, but what I really need is stress relief. Here are a few examples of her list:

3. For Mother’s Day, I would like the parentheses around my mouth to disappear, without the use of cosmetic fillers which have the unfortunate effect of making women look like one of the Chipettes from The Squeakquel.
4. For Mother’s Day, I would like it if my husband would, in the future, change the lightbulbs the day they go out, instead of waiting for six months or until I throw a hissy fit about how I’m sick of living in the dark, whichever comes sooner. haha, gutters much honey?
5. For Mother’s Day, I would like handmade cards and art projects from my children, and a homemade mix CD of my favorite songs from my husband. I totally agree with this one!
So this had me thinking, what are the things I really wanted?
1. I want for my husband to not ask to play golf this weekend. Now I know its his right and he can do whatever he wants, but it takes SIX FULL HOURS and I just wish he would spend his Saturday and Sunday with us. **Just this Mother's Day weekend!** Maybe at the park, the mall, home, in the yard, at the Whitewater Center.....anywhere but the golf course.
2. I want my husband to wake up with our son and take him downstairs and not come wake me up to hold my son while he goes to the bathroom. I bring him to the bathroom with me!
3. I want a Brueggers Blueberry bagel with Strawberry Cream Cheese brought to me with a card and gift around 8:00am (because we know there is no way I will sleep later than that). I could also use a grande non fat iced chai from Starbucks and my daily pills brought up as well. Or the Panera Cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese....heck, just grab both. Oh, and some good (red inside) strawberries covered in powder sugar. And while you're at it...a Mimosa.
4. I want to go to the park and have a picnic with my men. I want my son to giggle and run around and for once someone take pictures of Ford and I! I am ALWAYS the one taking the pictures.
5. I want Ford to stop throwing his food and eat it! :)
So that's it! Not too much to ask right? Just for one weekend?  I will post my materialistic wants in a bit! But I do have to say, my husband is pretty amazing, I mean look at my new dresser! (previous post)

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