Thursday, May 17, 2012

Road Trip! Savannah Edition

We are headed to Savannah for our 5 year Anniversary! This will be our first trip together alone since the BABY! Can you tell I'm excited??!!!!! And don't try to come rob our fortunes stored up in our house. Our neighbors are house sitting!!!

We have been down to Savannah before and definitely love a city where you can park your car on Friday and not get back in it until Sunday! And did I mention walking around with Go-cups?

Some Savannah images.....

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Dinner Saturday night at the Pink House! (Downstairs where it is romantic!) Go ahead, call in and have the waiter bring us a bottle of wine!

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Via Pinterest

Crawfish Beignets at Vic's

Love One Fish Two Fish!

What is your favorite Savannah spot?


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