Friday, July 20, 2012

Magazine and Link Dump

I confess, I am a frequent tearer-outer. I have stacks and stacks of magazine pages all over the house. I think once a week I will scan these babies in and post them here so I can get rid of them! Here goes the onslaught...

I love Quesadillas, I wonder if this could be made a tad healthier, add grilled chicken?

Recipe from Family Circle (just typing that makes me feel so old. Who reads Family Circle!?)

Pajamas that keep you cool (For those heaters at night like myself). Cool Nights Chemise $59

I wore the most fabulous lipstick on my wedding day and can't find it anywhere. Looks like I need to go buy a new tube. It was Tea Rose by Laura Mercier. Color looks terrible on the screen, here is a Wedding Day Pic.

I look crazy, the rest of the pictures are backed up in a cloud somewhere...

I have a wipe addiction. Kitchen & Bathroom Lysol wipes, baby wipes for changing, baby wipes for smelling good, pacifier wipes, toy name it! How gorgeous are these? And I hear they smell amazing! They are $1.99 from Motif and I would like 30 please.

Love Susan Dahlin's Ball Jar Art. I collect Blue Ball Jars and love her paintings!

I desperately want professional photographs of our family. We had some gorgeous ones taken last summer by the very talented Julia Ryan but we have done none since F turned 1. I wish I could spend the $$ on another Julia session or a session with the fabulous Lena Hyde in Florida!

Love Love Love this photo by Julia

Lena's kid shots are so fantastic.

Photos courtesy of Lena Hyde

Dear M, pretty pretty please buy me these flats. Saw these beauties on Melanie's awesome blog and I NEED them.

And on EARTH could anyone think this kid is attractive? Please explain? You couldn't pay me to make out with him! Well, maybe a million but no less! He is creepy and still looks 12. 

xoxoxo (to you not him)


  1. Ha. I read Family Circle too.
    I love the ball jar paintings and swoon over those flats.

  2. I have several notebooks for full of recipes I pulled out of magazines through the years.

  3. Is Family Circle like Good Housekeeping? I have not ventured into that group of mags yet, but am feeling like I need more magazines in my life right now. Um, Justin beiber looks like a teenage lesbian to me.