Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Frump Fabulous

Rose Byrne, always stunning.

I have posted before about how I am not stylish...so I thought I would start a little series making fun of myself compared to all the internet fashionistas such as:

Blair of Atlantic Pacific....perfection every time!

   Sarah of Classy Girls Wear Pearls. I want that dress!

Whitley of Queen City Style, we played tennis together in High School!

Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere, so glamorous!

Chassity at Look, Linger, Love. Look at that closet!

and without further ado...the fabulous Katharine at Southern Bourbon Mountains.....
Hair-washed yesterday and slept on wet. I think it was yesterday..could possibly have been Sunday. Mint shorts-J.Crew $5 at Asheville Warehouse Sale and a tad too tight after beach trip. Top- Target and stolen from my Mom's closet on a chilly night in Asheville, Rings- c/o Grandmother Kay Braselman Boylan and hubby, Starbucks Grande Non-fat Iced Chai lite Ice. Because I didn't pay $3.87 for a cup 87% full of frozen water. I work from home most of the week so I have the luxury of not really getting dressed.

I know there are more style bloggers, who is your favorite?



  1. I think that is actually Rose Byrne in the first pic. :)

  2. Katharine--Thanks so much for the kind mention and for introducing me to some other awesome blogs! You are hilarious, as ever. Love your fashion credits. Freaking awesome, just like you.

  3. Katharine,

    You are such a sweetie sweetie! Thank you for the kind words and including me in this gorgeous bunch of ladies. I have those mint shorts you're wearing too, and regularly go to sleep with wet hair (we're moms after all!) ha. Oh, and I adore the photo below that Julia took last year. So pretty.
    xx, Chassity

  4. Hilarious. I feel like I'm on top of things when I get out of my 6am workout clothes and shower. What is this "hair washing" you speak of?

  5. I just found the Queen City Style! Its great to know another Charlotte blogger.

    I love that you posted this...haha...very real.


  6. I agree those are some stylish bloggers. Your look is my look. Wet hair and all!