Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hair...Length and Color Decisions

If you are a facebook friend of mine you know that I posted the picture above last night and got 20 replies...19 yes you should definitely do this, and 1 Heck no.

What do y'all think? I am pale, have blue eyes and a few freckles. I personally think my hair looks best when it is highlighted but that is probably b/c I only highlight it in the summer and I have some color to my skin. Here are a few snapshots of my hair over the years....

Lighter hair day of my life in the bottom left picture if I do say so myself.

Darker hair. Bottom right is WAY too dark.

Here are a few inspiration pictures! Doesn't it always seem with hair that you want what you can't have? Whenever I want to chop my hair short I typically regret it immediately and wish I had long hair again. But after sweating off my makeup while drying my hair I'm tempted to chop it too!

Perfect shade right??

This might be too red but she is so precious! M informed me that if I do go red I better wear more makeup.

Probably the closest to my natural hair color..maybe I'm a tad lighter


A little too dark for me I think

How do you feel about Emma as a blonde?

Or should I just go back to my Fall/Winter brown wash in?

What has been your personal favorite hairstyle over the years? I did love my short hair for France, in the collage wearing the striped top. I think the water over in Provence just gives you good bangs..that would never work in the South!


  1. i love emma stone and red hair! I read that she is a natural blonde but dyed it red to get into hollywood- and obviously it worked.
    I'm a very dark blonde (what the hairdresser tells me) but I think a very very light brown- and dyed my hair dark red (professionally) and it was the most glorious fall color I have ever done. (I am also very pale skinned- like emma stone pale with freckles and blue/green eyes) In fact- we've tried to mimic it 3 times with 2 other hair stylists (I've moved) and nobody can get it back to the pictures.

    I say do it! It's only hair- and you can always go back!

  2. I think it's beautiful, I think it would be too drastic for you. I think you would look fab but you would not like it. Especially since you typically like your hair on the lighter side. I would recommend auburn/ brownish lowlights

    Warm your way into it. Def do not cut it. I just had heavy bangs and still regretting it.

  3. love emma red hair! love it!