Friday, September 21, 2012

Things I Need Volume: 1

Happy Friday!

I am ridiculously excited about the YMCA Kids Consignment sale tonight. I volunteered last night just so I could go early...that is massively dorky, yes?

Its just that a normal long sleeve Polo for F is $39 and at the Y sale it is $5. I have been taking pictures in my spare time (I try to do photography as a side job) and all the money I have earned is going to clothes for my boys! Good mom right?!
$5 at the YMCA Kids Consignment Sale

But here are the things that I want need. Yes, these following items are NOT optional and they must be ordered before October 10th. Hear that M? NEED = Necessity = Happy Mama.

I desperately want some skinny black ankle pants to wear with flats and my stash of cute sweaters. Where can I buy some cute ones?!

Nest Candle in Pumpkin Chai. My favorite Nest candle is the Bamboo but I would love this for Fall! $32 at Neimans

Due to an older dog we have had to throw away our seagrass rug in the mudroom. I'm saving up to order the Diamond Khaki from Dash and Albert, this way if there are accidents we can hose him off! 4' x 6' $138 and free shipping from Layla Grace. I would love to do the blue tattersall but M won't go for it!

Tory Burch Patent Leather Eddie Bow Flats. I only have one pair of TB's. (The HORROR, The HORROR!) This pair would look great with any colored jean, ankle pant, sweater dress...etc. At $225 not sure M is going to go for these. That is pretty much my budget for the kids consignment sales. Hmmm, naked kids and Tory's or well-dressed kids and a mom in tennis shoes.....

Now that its pale season I need to brighten up my face. All my girlfriends swear by this and since my eyeshadow is drugstore I think I should splurge! Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick $40

This silly Fall Sign for my Front door. I LOVE Fall and love decorating the crap out of my house. Having kids has totally fueled that fire so I need more! Burlap door sign $39 at Pikes Nursery but Pineapples and Pickles posted a DIY here.

Both Natalie, my friend Abbie and Gwyneth swear by doing DVD's at home. I'm starting to think this might be the only way for me to get a workout in. If I go in the am the dogs will bark and wake up F. I can't go at night b/c I typically have work until 8. I don't want to pay so Tracy if you want me to test these out I will! Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis DVD set $99

With Christmas approaching my OCD already has me thinking of our Christmas Card photo. How awesome is this return address? Between the holidays and thank you letters I need to be writing this is a definite must. Custom Rubber Return address Stamp from Etsy $40ish

What are you ladies needing and wanting? I will probably make this a weekly list seeing as how I want EVERYTHING! 



  1. Get the DVDs they are great workout! I really want to stop by the sale but my dads been out of town and is just getting in tonight so we have dinner plans. Boo stock up for me. Although lord knows Sterling has enough clothes:). Get the rug my friend Caycee has it and it's super durable and looks good in person too!

  2. I need a lot of your needs too! Didn't hit up the Y sale. Pretty sad about it. :( But I am about to watch the UNC game with my fall beer and pumpkin chai candle! Actually posted about The candle this week too!