Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's Fall Y'ALL!

Graveyard Fields 2003

I know that every blogger East of the Mississippi has blogged about Fall and how it is their favorite season. Sure summer is fun with frozen drinks and sundresses at the beach, Spring is beautiful with its new blooms but Fall is just really the stunner right? Do you ever see such jaw-dropping beauty as Fall?

View from below of my Childhood home

I grew up in Arden, NC...up on a little mountain (Helen's mountain and I did meet the ghost Helen). My parent's house is one of my favorite places in the world. I'm not quite sure how to describe it but think of a Treehouse that likes to party. Yep, that is my childhood home...or "Popular Lodge". I think I love cooler weather because my Dad would leave our windows open until the temps hit the 40's and then we would bundle up tight. 
Sun rising up over the Mountains

Leaving home for College one fall
Dad's buddies hanging out during Christ School vs Asheville School weekend. We will be thinking about you this year Walker!
Asheville via Flickr

Mom hiking in Dupont State Forest

Fall meant Football, Hot Chocolate from Brueggers that opened across from TC Roberson, playing my tennis matches in my warmups, jumping in piles and piles of leaves. You High School girls remember how we would hang out and play in the leaves? Ashvegas was magical during Fall. I can still smell the wonderful potpourri Jennifer Hall's mom would have simmering when we would all hang out and study. (Dorks) When I went to College all the same traditions continued. We jumped in piles of leaves on Pritchard Street, drank Hot chocolate (with bourbon) and went to Football games with our parents during the Annual Parents Weekend at Pi Phi.

Tennis in the fall at good ole' TCR!

Pi Phi Parents Weekend 1999

Pi Phi Parents Weekend 1998

When we moved up to Charlotte from Jupiter, FL the fall weather was one of the things I looked forward to most. If you grew up in seasons it is hard to convert to a Florida climate. I think M is even on board!
Yep, that's me. Overalls and a Ford Tractor...doesn't get much better!

Do you notice when you let your dogs out and it is chilly how they frolic and act all giddy? People do the same, something about the crisp air energizes us and wakes us up from our lazy summer slumber.

So, why do you love fall? I mean besides the obvious reason of not sliding off your leather seats in your car from the 109 heat index....what does Fall mean to you?

For me it means playing outside all bundled up and having that cold air hit your chest and make you feel alive!

Stunning Fall

I'm still working on my fall decor but I have to brag about a friend's husband. He is quite the stylist and my friend asked him to grab a few pumpkins and this is what he did. (HINT HINT M)
Nice job YB!