Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beautiful Handmade Dolls

A friend of mine recently had to close their booth selling the most beautiful French and Italian baby clothes. This booth also had the famous intricate Jess Brown Dolls.

From the Jess Brown website:
Each doll is hand dyed in persian black teas to create variations in skin tones. Each doll is stuffed with a sustainable corn fiber stuffing. They are all made of cotton muslin and linen, and of primarily recycled and antique fabrics and findings. Each doll is created with button shoulders. This may not be suitable for children under three years. Jess also collaborates with several designers, using scrap remnants left over from a current season cutting. These dolls are created as limited edtion collections. Jess works in her studio in Petaluma, California with a small group of local hand work artists to create each doll.

These handmade Dolls were featured on the Today Show and countless shelter magazines. Have you seen the adorable slideshow Kiki and Coco in Paris? The best supporting actress would be a Jess Brown doll herself.

Each one of those images makes you feel nostalgic for childhood and the love of Kiki for her Coco is astounding! Please take a look at the gorgeous dolls and let me know if you would be interested.They retail for $180 but my friend has marked them down to $70. There are ten available and I can send more pictures if needed.

Thank you!


  1. i sorta want one. is that silly?

  2. I would love one for my daughter! Can I have some info please?

  3. I reaaaalllly want a Jess brown doll! Please email me. Thanks!

  4. and if you haven't already sold the one with the red pompom and the pink collar (or one similar) I would love that one!

  5. are any of these still available?