Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Dream Job-Photography

Megg Braff Palm Beach Living Room photographed by Thibault Jeanson

I love taking pictures. I know most professional photographers get annoyed with people like me at Weddings but I do it for my friends. I typically do not get in their way and make sure my flash is not ruining their photo so I don't really tick them off! I am clueless in photoshop so when I take pictures they are just the images from my camera with minor enhancements like cropping or light fixes. I just know from personal experience (Thanks Beau!!) that there is nothing better than a friend sending you an album of pictures (for FREE) that capture you and your family. And nothing makes me happier than sending my friends an entire album from their showers or parties.

Phoebe Howard was my first big job here in the Charlotte area and can you believe it....I got published! She called me up while working on her book "The Joy of Decorating" and needed one more shot of her Charlotte Dining area. I rented the fanciest lens I could and snapped away! I had previously taken pictures for Mrs. Howard for House Beautiful (they picked our least favorite!) and for her store opening and I loved being able to be there for her in a pinch.
My picture!!!!!

I am obviously NOT a professional, but I love playing with light and figuring out the best angle. I have also taken pictures for my two favorite Charlotte Interior Decorators Traci Zeller and Sarah Fisher but both those projects are still under wraps for now but here are a few teasers!

Traci Zeller Easter Vignette

Traci Zeller Living Room (LOVE this whole photoshoot!)

Sarah Fisher of Matters of Style Master Vignette

Love this shot, Sarah Fisher of Matters of Style Master. (Just WAIT until you see her Playroom)

The coolest part of this is maybe this is in my blood. My father was a commercial photographer for years in New Orleans before trading in his lens for Real Estate when we moved to Asheville. I have to go find it but he has this awesome picture of him standing on top of the Superdome. He specialized in Commercial shoots like foot photography, industrial shots like oil rigs...etc. Now he still takes pictures but typically for work out of a helicopter!

So if you are in the Charlotte area and want semi-professional pictures of your house or client's homes please let me know! I also love to photograph parties...here are a few favorites (not high-res) from friends' events! I would add tons more but Shutterfly gets an EPIC FAIL for importing my Kodak Gallery albums out of order.

Gorgeous Baby Girl shower

Love this Groom's cake at the Rehearsal Dinner!

Same beautiful baby girl shower

Rehearsal Dinner for Mrs. Sweetser


Thursday night Frankie & Johnny's

1st Birthday party for one of F's BFF's!

Christmas in the Mountains AKA Popular Lodge

All Images by Katharine Fuchs



  1. Oh, how thrilling! You have a wodnerful eye- I wish you were in Knoxville, because I would love pittures of our home.

  2. pictures. Ugh- my typing is horrendous.

  3. I wish you could come to Charleston. I need some pictures of Sterling's Big Boy Room and my iphone ain't cutting it!

  4. Thanks to YOU, Katharine!! And I can't think of a much bigger compliment to already be published in House Beautiful and Phoebe's book!

  5. Katharine, do you take family pictures? How best can I contact you? I love, love, love your blog! I've been quietly reading since my son was born in December; you are a wonderful writer!